Limited Prey is a Post-Apocalyptic Drama by WalkerMage102. It is a Spin-Off to The Life Series.
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Plot Edit

Eleven hard months in the apocalypse have dragged on. Now facing the harsh conditions of December, a man named Eike Lane struggles to survive on his own. He holds the dark secret of being a Serial Killer thirsty for blood, but instead of trying to let go of his obsession, he embraces it. Searching for the living and breathing to kill in a world gone to hell will be tough, as Eike's demons start to hit him more than ever when he comes across a dying young girl who begs for his help. Fighting through the Dead and the Living, Eike must deal with new dangers and priorities completely alien to him.

Time and Location Edit

Takes place in various locations in North America in the middle of December. The outbreak started on December 21, 2012. The main events of this story start at around January of 2013.

Chapters Edit

Prologue- Victim (Releasing in March-April)

Chapter 1-Wind (Releasing in the next 50 years)

Chapter 2-Faces

Chapter 3-Tissue

Chapter 4-Duty

Chapter 5-Bond

Chapter 6-Break

Characters Edit

Character Page

Trivia Edit

  • Due to taking place in the same Universe as the Main stories of The Life Series, it will contain some of the same types of infected
  • This story may feature appearences from other characters from other stories in The Life Series
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