Kingdom of Bones is a story written by NOStalgic, whose other works includes the story Misfits.

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Plot Edit

Set in medieval times, the countries of Baliemis and Chemland are in a hard-fought war, in which both sides begin to grow more devoted to their countries cause as the days go by. Chemland's King, known as Laman has secured a big blow to Baliemis after their king is ruthlessly killed in battle, forcing his young daughter Jemma to take reigns as the new Queen until she marries. Franco a young thief, Ondrel a mysterious boy with unique skills, and Alessia, an inquisitor in training are caught in the midst of it all.

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Characters Edit

Kingdom of Bones Characters

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More Kingdom of Bones Edit

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  • Historic Lores and Tales
  • Islands of Valor - A story by MaxWestt set in the Kingdom of Bones Universe.

Trivia Edit

  • Numerous Actors and Actresses from Games of Throne will be cast in the the series.
  • The story itself will feature many disturbing ideas, as well as events. It is highly recommended to only read if you can handle anything that may be offensive.
  • This is the author's 2nd on-going story, the other being Misfits.
  • KoB is aired on the fictional television network UFSW TV.
  • KoB is currently undergoing a reboot.
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