Katerina "Kate" Sandoval



Xavi Aguilar (ex-husband)
Darla Aguilar (daughter) †
Newt (radio co-host)
Tamsin Culpepper (protege)

First seen

"PROLOGUE." (mentioned)

Actor likeness

Michelle Rodriguez


Katerina "Kate" Sandoval, formerly Aguilar, is a supporting character in Epiphany. Her amicable separation from ex-husband Xavi Aguilar has shaken Kate's world, as the two have been together since high school. But it needed to happen for healing to take place; they both knew and understood that they mourned differently. Although she is strong willed and a fighter, Kate knows she will never get over the loss of their daughter, Darla. She lives in Glenley, where she serves as the town's only doctor, though she trains sweet-natured waitress Tamsin the ropes. She also operates the radio tower, where she co-hosts a radio show for the locals alongside Newt.

Character Description[edit | edit source]

There was nothing wrong with Kate. In fact, she and Xavi made an excellent-looking couple. Kate was always the more lively and energetic of the two; she was like an open book, never liking to shut out herself from the world, or other people from herself. The dichotomy between them worked in their initial attraction, it even worked throughout the majority of their marriage. But the differences in how they mourned--him brooding and introverted, her trying to smile through the pain and share her feelings at every possible point--is where the line was drawn and their relationship ended.

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