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Glenley, Kentucky


Tom Snyder (ex-husband)
Darla Snyder (adopted daughter)


1, 2, 3

First seen

"Every Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End"

Last seen

"Serpentine Fire"


Ripped apart by infected, mercy kill by Tom ("Death March, Part II: Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?")

Appeared in

13 episodes

Portrayed by

KaDee Strickland

Eden Rising

We were able to save the baby, but the mom wasn't so lucky. I had to tell this man that his wife was dead. I comforted him, I told him everything would be okay. I felt so bad for him. He looked so vulnerable, so weak. I misunderstood every reaction he had for some sort of -- connection. After a year of bein' friends, we went on a couple dates. I got along well with his daughter, the one I helped bring into this world, and then... I thought we had a connection, so I proposed to him. To Tom. But -- things just didn't work out how I hoped. I loved this guy, but he was... he was totally in love with his dead wife. He couldn't get over her and I couldn't handle that. He couldn't handle it. It was a mutual split. No bad blood.

Kate to Sidney, Next, or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love the Back-Up Plan

Kate Kirby was a main character in Eden Rising. She was the second wife of Tom Snyder, whom he went to for comfort after his first wife Annie died while giving birth to Darla. Kate and Tom mutually split and divorced sometime before the events of the pilot, due to Tom not being able to get over his first wife's death. Their relationship following the divorce was not sour for Darla's sake, but Kate started to grow lonely in the wake of it. Kate had an initially awkward relationship with Tom's new girlfriend Sidney, but they grew to respect each other. Kate's feelings of loneliness made her blossom independence when leading a charge against The General, a vicious tyrant. Unfortunately, her acts of independence and leadership were fatal, as Kate sacrificed herself to a crowd of infected in an attempt to get an injured Sidney the medical care she needed after a gunshot wound.


Kate was a poised and polished woman with a hint of vulnerability that was masked by a walk, style and attitude that was fearless and fierce. Usually reserved and brooding, Kate had a strong sense of self-doubt in her abilities due to her failed relationships with men. She was caring, helpful, eager, and slightly blunt but she always knew her place; she would never nose around where she was not welcome. Her love did run deep and last long, a characteristic that allowed her to forgive and forget easier than most.

Although she was easy to tear down, when it came to the protection of her family and friends, Kate stepped up to protect them. This ended up being a valiant, but fatal, quality.


It was mentioned that Kate was the nurse who delivered the news of Tom's first wife, Annie's, passing. They later went on a few dates, which led to Kate proposing to Tom. He accepted. Their relationship lasted for a while, until they split amicably. Their relationship following their divorce was not bitter at all.

Tom and Kate kept up a ruse that Kate was Darla's biological mother, but shortly before the first episode, Tom revealed the truth to his daughter.

While Kate has built up a reputation as one of Glenley's few accredited nurses, and as a major morale booster on the radio show she co-hosts with Ash, it was well-known that her personal life was quite the mess in contrast.

She had no boyfriends since the dissolve of her marriage with Tom Snyder, a split caused by Tom's inability to get over the death of his first wife. The two stayed on on good terms, however, with Kate sharing custody of his daughter Darla, who she helped raise from childhood.

Kate began to form a strange friendship with Tom's girlfriend Sidney Strauss, and the two built a mutual respect and liking for each other. Kate's survival skills were put to the test when the group is forced to leave Glenley and look ahead to a potential future together at Eden. She was shown as a brave individual who puts the lives of others on higher priority than her own. When it came down to a final battle at The General's camp, Kate stepped up big-time and showed off her bravery.

She was critically injured by The General, who threw a bear trap in her back, while acting as a distraction for Kelvin to save the captured Ash and Gwen. Upon heading to the makeshift clinic in an attempt to help Kitty save a wounded Sidney, Kate was overwhelmed by biters and killed in the attack. Tom made sure she did not reanimate by shooting her in the head. Kate's body was buried a few miles away from the airport.

In the season premiere, Darla was bitten by a biter at the airport, and she hallucinated Kate and her biological mother Annie on board a plane ready to take her to a "paradise". This was Kate's last physical appearance on the show, but she has been mentioned many times throughout the season in post-mortem, as her death left a huge effect on the survivors. Maude, an unhinged survivor, has a resemblance to Kate that even plays a plot point, especially toward the end of the season as Darla is forced to shoot her dead, as the young girl's first human kill.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of infected
  • A few of The General's Jugulators


Kate: "So I don’t feel obligated to make anyone eggplant parmesan. Then no one feels obligated to eat it. I learned it early. Got married, raised a kid. Knew it wasn't right."
Ash: "From what I heard it was more of a mutual thing."
Kate: "Well, it was. But since then, I’ve learned that the only person I can truly count on is myself. And if you’re open to others and expect them to help you out and let them lay your head on your shoulder, you’re just setting yourself up to be another body in the count of this post-apocalyptic world as Ash here so poetically put it."
Kate, discussing her love life with Ash over the radio[src]
"I’m going to be slower. You can shoot better. You’re all around more important than I am. So listen to me. If I run out there, if I get caught... I want you to just keep your ass moving okay? We need this to work. We can’t live here. My daughter --- doesn’t deserve to grow up here."
Kate, to Kelvin as she plans to use herself as a distraction[src]
Darla: "What are you doing!?"
Kate: "Stay back. Stay here."
Darla: "I can fight, I can shoot, I..."
Kate: "Keep your ass here. If any of them come for you, use this. I’ll be back. I promise. Just keep yourself safe. Please. For me. Do you love me? Do you love me Darla? Then listen to me."
Kate, begging Darla to stay behind and not fight[src]


  • Kate was the first main character to die.
    • Kate is also the only main character to have only been credited in the main cast for one season. All other main characters have been in the main cast for at least two seasons.
    • With three post-death appearances, Kate is tied with Sidney and Declan for the most main cast appearances post-death.


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