Jed Armitage
First seen
Last seen
A Plague On Your Houses
Mid 20s
Died from injuries sustained in a car bomb (alive) Put down by Seth Young (before reanimation)
(A Plague On Your Houses)
Portrayed by
Devon Bostick

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Jed's life before the outbreak

Post-Apocalypse Edit

At some point, Jed joined the Waterfront community and became the leader of the Winton Outpost

Scatter Season 3 Edit

"Alone" Edit

Jed is first seen playing with a Rubix cube when Chester Navarro uses the telegraph to tell him to head to HQ and be cautious of everyone. He grabs his coat and leaves

"Pact" Edit

Jed appears with his second-in-command Elijah Fitzgibbons arriving at Waterfront and meeting with Chester, Barney Munson and Arturo Vazquez. He is present when Robert tries to kill Chester but Ivan Petrova takes the bullets instead

"Revelations" Edit

Jed is present when Chester signs a deal with Apex. He is present when Chester realizes Brie sent Robert to kill Chester and is part of the rebellion

"Me?" Edit

Jed appears with Chester and Elijah try to determine where Brie ran to. He is present when Blake Miller brings Leo Henderson and Elizabeth Hill from Apex

"Food" Edit

Jed appears with the others after learning of Cassius Killian's escape, and they come to believe the rebellion had a bigger plot

"...Hello...?" Edit

Jed is with the others when the survivors from Apex arrive at the Waterfront after learning about the larger plot of rebellion

"Torn" Edit

Jed is present during the rebellion, where he is shot in the leg by Sharissa. He is present when Elijah is killed by Harvey

"Light" Edit

Jed is present in the aftermath of the rebellion, suggesting they bury the deceased

"Outrageous" Edit

Jed drives with Nate Demarco and Milo back to their respective outposts

Season 4 Edit

"No Surprises" Edit

Jed arrives with Chester, Vazquez, Leo, Phillip James, Nick D'Atomeo and Horatio Whittaker in the aftermath of the attack on the outpost

"Where We Were" Edit

Jed appears during the meeting in the Waterfront theater, questioning how the survivors from the O'Connor Compound could be crafty

"A Plague On Your Houses" Edit

Jed appears with his guard shift group working in the gardens outside of Waterfront. When Will drives a car bomb into the community and kills most of his group mates, Jed loses his leg, and is seen being dragged by Nate and Kotter to Richard Harris. While slowly dying from his injuries, he pleads for Seth Young to put him down and for Richard to help other injured survivors who have a better chance of survival. When he later dies, he is put down by Seth

Killed Victims Edit

  • Numerous counts of zombies

Death Edit

Killed By Edit

  • Zeke (caused)
  • Will (alive)
  • Seth Young (before reanimation)
    • Jed dies from injuries sustained from a car bomb Zeke set up and blown up by Will. Before he can turn, he is put down by Seth Young

Appearances Edit

Season 3 Edit

  • Alone
  • Pact
  • Revelations
  • Me?
  • Food
  • ...Hello...? (No Lines)
  • Torn (No Lines)
  • Light
  • Outrageous (No Lines)

Season 4 Edit

  • No Surprises (No Lines)
  • Where We Were
  • A Plague On Your Houses
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