Jackson Levitt /AKA/ JaxinEdit

A 16 year old skater-punk with a penchant for using skateboards as a weapon. Son of the late Harry Levitt, whom Jaxin killed himself.


Jaxin's mother, Harry's wife, presumably died some years before the apocalypse. This lead Harry into a drunken downfall that would automatically affect Jaxin in the oddest of ways. Harry and Jaxin lived in the same apartment complex as Byron Giles, Tess Giles, Aaron Hindle and Autumn Hindle. They lived on the first floor and Jaxin was known for skating wherever he possibly could, one instance leading to his arrest.


Jaxin was among a number of survivors who took refuge in the apartment of Aaron and Autumn Hindle. His encounters before hand lead to him killing his undead father before supposedly being taken in along with the Giles family. His prowess and experience would go onto make him a valued and important survivor, noted by Aaron Hindle upon his return.


  • The youngest teenage survivor of the Walking Dead franchise.
  • Modeled for the dust cover by Brian James.
  • His name is borrowed from actor Joseph Levitt-Gordon.
  • Chapter Three will see Jaxin maturing, though retaining his youthfulness.