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Opelucid City Gym Leader
International Police Agent (former)
Team Rocket Administrator (former)



Opelucid City, Unova



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Pokémon Anthology

Iris Draco is a protagonist of Pokémon Anthology, featured in all three volumes. A spoiled rich girl who just wants to let loose of her silver platter, Iris yearns to explore and see the world, and upon a chance meeting with Hilbert, she seizes her opportunity to do so through him. Iris later claims the title of the Opelucid Gym Leader. Two years later, she worked as an agent for the International Police. She was hired to investigate Team Rocket, who was rumored to be genetically engineering a synthetic Eevee evolution of the Dragon-type. Iris' starter Pokémon, Haxorus, was killed in a conflict with Team Rocket, and Team Rocket's leader Giovanni promised her the ability to go back in time and bring back Haxorus. She worked as a double agent for Team Rocket, under the guise of a mysterious figure known as the Mask of Ice, but later betrayed them. She played an instrumental role in Giovanni's defeat. After the fall of Team Rocket, it is currently unknown if Iris was sentenced to jail time for betraying the International Police.


Hot-headed and instinctive, Iris is impressionable and a role model for girls her age in the movies she appears in on the big screen. However, she is very evasive and would rather be off-camera. She is in tune with the world around her, something she contributes to her mother's lineage. She wants nothing more than to embrace her wild side, preferring to spend time with Pokémon and nature than with the cameras.

Iris considers herself patient, but when her buttons are pushed hard enough, she can react with a fiery disposition. She is incredibly empathetic and is someone who cares deeply for the people around her. She can often make decisions quickly and on a whim with good intentions, but not quite think through how things could potentially fall apart.



Iris was born to a rich family. Her mother's side of the family has a more traditional side that hails from Opelucid City.

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Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Servine, but she has an elegant battling style. Received to fulfill a company requirement in owning a trio of Grass, Fire, and Water-types to star in movies.
Iris's Servine → Serperior
Pokémon Information
Iris Ducklett
One of Iris's main battlers, Ducklett is a strong and very loyal companion. Received to fulfill a company requirement in owning a trio of Grass, Fire, and Water-types to star in movies.
Iris's Ducklett
Pokémon Information
Received as an egg to fulfill a company requirement in owning a trio of Grass, Fire, and Water-types to star in movies. Larvesta evolved into Volcarona in the two years between Black & White and Iridescence.
Iris's Larvesta → Volcarona
Pokémon Information
Caught on the Driftveil Drawbridge. It is a bit meek. A child, but still a tough battler, this is a special Deino as it knows the mysterious 'Destiny Bond' attack, a move not native to its species. It evolved all the way to its Hydreigon form in the two years between Black & White and Iridescence.
Iris's Deino → Zweilous → Hydreigon
Pokémon Information
Caught inside the depths of the Dragonspiral Tower. It is a very territorial and brutal fighter. However, despite his power packing an immense punch, this old Dragon's endurance is lacking.
Iris's Druddigon
Pokémon Information
Eevee was used as an experiment by Team Rocket to try and create an Eevee that will change between its evolutions. She was rescued by Iris and permanently stayed in her Glaceon evolution.
Iris's Eevee → Glaceon
Pokémon Information
Iris Axew
The child of Iris's original Haxorus and her Druddigon, he wants to grow up to be a mighty warrior like his mother.
Iris's Axew


Pokémon Information
Iris's first Pokémon. Received from her grandfather at a young age. Childish and inexperienced as an Axew, upon evolution it proves its strength by defeating a wild Druddigon in battle and allowing Iris to catch it. Showing off its newfound strength and confidence in the gym battle against Hilbert, Fraxure evolves into a mighty Haxorus. Haxorus found love with Iris' Druddigon, and the two had an offspring Axew together. Haxorus died when facing Team Rocket and her death, and the promise of time travel by Giovanni to fix it, is what caused Iris to work alongside Team Rocket as the 'Mask of Ice'.
Iris's Axew → Fraxure → Haxorus


Pokemon - Iris's Champion Theme

Pokemon - Iris's Champion Theme


  • Iris is based on the non-playable character from the Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version video games, sharing her name and appearance.
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