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In a Day is a story by Kaffe4200 and WalkerMage102. Kaffe4200 wrote the first three issues and WalkerMage102 wrote the last 15 issues. It is a spin-off of Hope On The Rocks.


Six survivors have to face the biggest horde yet, and try to survive 24 hours in the middle of it.

Each issue will be seen from a character's point of view.


Over a year into the apocalypse. Between 2011-2013.



See In a Day/Characters.

Characters from In a Day
Characters FrankFranzGehertJackJerryKateKaren
Dead characters appear in italics


Hope On The Rocks - In a Day
Issue - Centric Character

01, Pilot - Franz
02, We Should Stay - Jerry
03, All About Time - Jack
04, Making It Out Alive - Kate
05, Possibly The Last Moment - Karen
06, Gateway To Death - Franz
07, Starting To Break Down - Gehert
08, Estimation - Jack
09, Bad Luck Gehert - Karen
10, Emergency Revolver - Jerry
11, Quit Chat Before The Jump - Jack
12, We Run Like Hell - Kate
13, The Forest - Karen
14, You Have To Live - Kate
15, Am I Really Hearing That? - Jerry
16, Better Place - Karen
17, The Pilot - Jerry
18, Above The Ground - Jerry

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Kaffe4200 wrote the first three issues, but soon after the story was handed over to WalkerMage102 to write the last 15 issues.

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