This is the fourth episode of In The End.


The group rides out to the old AmeriTech building.

"Why did Senator Enzi do all these things?" Eliza asks.

"It's all for profit he says," John answers, "I don't really like him anymore."

"How far is the old AmeriTech building, John?" Jacob asks.

"We'll be there in a few minutes," John answers. The group eventually arrives at the old AmeriTech building.

"You guys free all the test subjects. I'll have a word with Mike himself," John states.

"I'm coming with you," Dave replies, "You need backup." As John and Dave head for Mike's office, the rest of the group heads for the containment cells. The eventually arrive at the containment cells.

"The guards will be here any minute. Free as many people as you possibly can," Simon states. The group opens the containment cells. Dozens of people rush out to freedom, but they are stopped by several armored guards.

"Head back to your cells. The boss isn't letting you get away," one of the guards states. As the guards escort the test subjects back to their cells, the group starts opening fire at them, causing the guards to fire back. A firefight ensures between them as John and Dave reach Mike's office.

"It's over, Senator Enzi!" Dave shouts.

"Is it?" Mike asks.

"Your test subjects are being freed. Your experiments are over!" Dave shouts.

"We'll get them back soon enough. You can never stop profit," Mike replies. Dave then draws a gun on Mike.

"I'll kill you right now, Senator," Dave states.

"Don't kill him, Dave," John replies.

"Why not? He's killed and experimented on hundreds of people all in the name of profit!" Dave shouts.

"And, you'll never be able to do it," Mike replies. Mike then grabs a gun and shoots Dave in the chest, killing him.

"I should've told him so," John states.

"Senator Barrasso," Mike states, "I ask you kindly to leave." Instead of leaving, John then draws a gun as well.

"Two can play at this game, Enzi," John replies. A gunshot is then heard.


Main CastEdit

  • David Boreanaz as Jacob Edwards
  • Josh Lucas as Ryan
  • Lily Loveless as Hailey
  • James McAvoy as Simon Adams
  • Andrew Garfield as Dave Prescott
  • Chris Pratt as Noah Johnson
  • Jaimie Alexander as Eliza


  • Jake Abel as Ben
  • Summer Glau as Lisa
  • Macsen Lintz as Lucas
  • Kyla Kennedy as Amy
  • Willa Holland as Ashley
  • Logan Lerman as Nathaniel
  • Dave Franco as Lane
  • Adrianne Palicki as Jessica

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Mike Enzi as himself
  • John Barrasso as himself


  • Dave Prescott (Alive)


  • Last appearance of Dave Prescott. (Alive)
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