This is the thirty-fifth chapter of In The End.


  • Day 62 Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Lane is shown firing gunshots at various walkers.

"Damn, I missed!" Lane shouts.

"What's wrong, Lane?" Julien asks.

"I can't seem to hit these freaking walkers!" Lane answers.

"Let me try," Julien replies. Julien then fires and kills the walkers.

"Maybe you've gone soft, Lane?" Julien asks.

"I don't go soft, Julien," Lane answers.

"Alright alright, I'll leave you alone then," Julien replies. Julien walks away as Lane approaches Dominic and Adrien.

"What are we doing now?" Lane asks.

"We're going to wait right here. Quincy has an outpost not far from here. Eventually, they'll attack," Adrien states.

"I'm not going to wait here. I'm going to fight," Lane replies.

"That's suicide Lane!" Simon shouts.

"I don't really care anymore. I just want to prove that I am a capable survivor," Lane replies. Lane then hops on the motorcycle and he rides off to a bar frequented by Quincy's gang.

"If it isn't Lane," one of the gang members states.

"I know," Lane states, "And I'm going to make a mess here." Lane starts to fire into the bar, killing many gang members.

"I told you Julien! I haven't gone soft!" Lane shouts. Ultimately, a gang member makes a shot and the bullet ends up in Lane's heart, killing him.

"Looks like Julien was right after all," Lane's killer states.


Main CastEdit

  • James McAvoy as Simon Adams
  • Jake Abel as Ben
  • Max Charles as Lucas
  • Kyla Kennedy as Amy
  • Dave Franco as Lane Mitchell
  • Tim Burd as Danny
  • David Mazouz as Xavier
  • Noah Wyle as Adrien Nolan
  • Kevin Alejandro as Dominic
  • James Van Der Beek as Gavin Wilson


  • Emma Stone as Olivia Towers
  • Morgan Lily as Bonnie Nolan
  • Kodi Smitt-McPhee as Cody
  • Tao Okamoto as Zoey Yoshida
  • Ellen Page as Mikayla
  • Taylor Kinney as Julien
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Kayla
  • Bridgit Mendler as Pix
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Quincy
  • Miles Teller as Laurence
  • Bob Morley as Brock


  • Lane Mitchell


  • Last appearance of Lane Mitchell.
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