Ike Levine
Ike Levine
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'3
Weight 132 lbs
Relations Unknown
First Seen Three Stabs, and You're Dead!
Last Seen n/a
Cause of Death n/a
Flaws Of Hope

Ike Levine is a character in Flaws Of Hope.

Ike is known to be very innocent among his class, opting to stay out of trouble and avoid confrontations at all costs. He is very flamboyant about his appearance and personality, which makes his friendship with the conservative and distant Dylan all the more odd.


Flaws Of HopeEdit

In Three Stabs, and You're Dead!, Ike is first introduced with friends Dylan, Hali, and Hollie walking to class. He struggles to keep up with Dylan. When they get to class they have a little stand-off with Evan's group, but it's quick to dissolve. He's present for the role call.

During lunch, Ike get bored and decides to be mischievous, and he tags Dylan and disappears within the school. Dylan traces him to the Nurse's Office, and when inside, Ike attacks Dylan with kisses, revealing they're secretly dating.

He's later shown after class talking with Trent and his teacher.


Ike is shown to be really attached to Dylan, trying to stand next to him and be with him despite Dylan constantly referring to Ike as a nuisance. However, when the two are alone, their true colours show. The two are secretly dating and are shown to really care for each other and love one another.

In the same social group, they're shown to get along quite well.

In the same social group, they're shown to get along, and Hali tends to tease Ike.


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