Hollie Westt
Hollie Westt
Personal Information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'9
Weight 156 lbs
Relations Hali (girlfriend)
First Seen Three Stabs, and You're Dead!
Last Seen n/a
Cause of Death n/a
Flaws Of Hope

Hollie Westt is a character in Flaws Of Hope.

Known for her volunteer work at the local animal shelter and her love of animals, Hollie's naturally caring attitude often goes unnoticed by her peers because of her inability to socialize with her classmates other than her girlfriend Hali, and friends Dylan, and Ike.


Flaws Of HopeEdit

In Three Stabs, and You're Dead!, Hollie is first introduced with girlfriend Hali and friends Ike & Dylan walking to class. When they get to class they have a little stand-off with Evan's group, but it's quick to dissolve. She's present for the role call.

During lunch, Hollie is shown with Dylan, Ike, and Hali outside.


Dating, the two are shown to be super close to one another. They are always snuggled up together and Hollie enjoys to cook for Hali.

In the same social group, they're shown to get along quite well.

Not much is known about their relationship, but despite Dylan's tendency to call her a nuisance, they seem to get along well. Hollie also mentions that Dylan always waits up for them, so at the very least she acknowledges he cares.


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