Zekrom & Reshiram Battle

My name is Hilbert. I don’t know, feels like someone somewhere should’ve given me a better name. But they didn’t. So I’m stuck with Hilbert. [...] If you’re lookin’ for a genius, you’ve come to the wrong guy. That’d be my friend Cheren. Me? Well, I’m kinda a dork.

Hilbert introducing himself, VS Pikachu: The Electric Tale of Pikachu





14 (Black & White)
16 (Iridescence)






Pokémon Trainer
Champion of the Unova Region (former)



Nuvema Town, Unova



On Hand:


Pokémon Anthology

Hilbert Black is the main protagonist of Pokémon Anthology, featured in all three volumes. On his fourteenth birthday, Hilbert was initially ready to begin his journey through the Unova region and chose his starter Pokémon, a loyal Oshawott he nicknamed Sheldon. However, an incident involving his friend's Tepig causing destruction and injuring Hilbert made his mother fear for his safety and decided he was not ready to leave the house. Eager to prove himself to his overbearing mother, Hilbert finally seized the opportunity to do so when he captured a Pikachu that was feeding on the electricity in his house using his wit and battle prowess. Hilbert faced off against Team Plasma and stopped their reach throughout the Unova region, becoming the Champion after this incident. He retired his position to travel the world, only to get caught up in the dealings of Team Rocket. Hilbert befriended Hareta along the way, and found himself under the tutelage of powerful trainers in Kanto, like Blaine and former Champion Red. Hilbert was offered a position in the International Police by Agent Looker, and accepted it. Under the tutelage of InterPol agent Norman, Hilbert went on a mission to rescue the kidnapped Mythical Pokémon Jirachi from the clutches of the Masaru twins, Archie and Maxie. Jirachi was freed, but Norman went missing and Hilbert was rescued by a mysterious figure.


Incredibly unlucky with a sense of dry wit, Hilbert is someone who is both oblivious to the world around him and yet incredibly self-aware. Uneducated in the traditional sense but cool as a whip thanks to his own self-determination and wit, Hilbert has an air of confidence about him that he was born with. A sardonic teenager with an adventurous and rebellious spirit, Hilbert doesn't care what anyone has to say about him and feels like the only person in the world to point out how utterly ridiculous every situation is around him. While others take most situations seriously, Hilbert doesn't really see the point in that.

He embraces his fate as the universe's butt monkey, but still questions it and, using his wild imagination, attempts to piece the puzzle together as to why he has such grim cosmic luck. He will do anything for the sake of attention; he loves being the center of it in any given situation. Despite having a brooding external shell, Hilbert has an intense sense of justice for those around him and is more emotional than he lets on.



Hilbert lived in Nuvema Town his whole life, and was childhood friends with Cheren and Bianca, his neighbors. He was raised by a single mother who was paranoid for his safety and was never fond of the idea of Hilbert going on his own adventure.

Black & WhiteEdit

On his fourteenth birthday, Hilbert received a package from Professor Juniper bearing gifts of Pokémon: a Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Hilbert was to choose one, with his friends Cheren and Bianca taking their pick from the box as well. Hilbert chose Sheldon the Oshawott, a loyal and determined little Water-type.

A battle broke loose in his bedroom, and ended with the bedroom destroyed. Bianca's Tepig had a sneeze trapped in his nose that unleashed unexpectedly on Hilbert's rear end, burning his Pokédex and causing him to hit his head and lose consciousness. Hilbert's mother refused to let her son leave for his Pokémon journey whilst his friends went ahead on theirs.

Five months of confinement in his own home has caused Hilbert to become miserable and annoyed with his home life. Determined to find any way to prove to his mother that he can take care of himself in the outside world, Hilbert finally gets that opportunity when the power starts to go amiss in their home. The TV is unplugged, and Hilbert finds a strange yellow rat Pokémon feeding on their electricity from the vent. He is attacked and electrified by the creature, but uses his own wit--distracting the creature by having Sheldon battle it, and then grabbing it while down with insulated rubber gloves--to capture it.

He brings it to Professor Juniper, who calls it a "Pikachu" and seems impressed with Hilbert. She gifts him with his charred, but fixed, Pokédex, six Poké Balls, and a device called a Cross-Transceiver and encourages him to talk to his mother and convince her to let him finally leave on his journey. Hilbert uses one of the Poké Balls to capture the Pikachu officially, and Juniper also encourages him to try interacting with it without the use of rubber gloves. He does so, introducing himself to the Pikachu, only to be met with a hostile zapping, signaling that he has a lot of work to do in order to earn this rambunctious Pokémon's trust.


In rotationEdit

Pokémon Information
Chosen by Hilbert as his starter Pokémon, A hardy, loyal, dependent but easily discouraged Oshawott with dreams of one day becoming a mighty Samurott. Wore Samurott armor on his head in order to pretend he is as mighty as his evolved form, until he lost to N and dumped the armor, feeling not worthy enough to wear it. Having evolved into Dewott during the Striaton Gym battle and then again into Samurott in the final gym battle in Opelucid City, Sheldon is now very confident.
Sheldon the Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
Pokémon Information
A rowdy, rambunctious, disobedient and quite frankly violent Raichu (formerly Pikachu) that does not take a liking to Hilbert at all. Since evolving, Raichu has been shown to be more obedient, though he still takes the opportunity to shock Hilbert whenever he can. It is unknown how Pikachu, who is not native to the Unova region, made it there.
Hilbert's Pikachu → Raichu
Pokémon Information
As a Sewaddle, she is a fairly energetic member of the team, remaining so upon evolution, quite the opposite of Swadloon's mopey appearance! However, she is not very fond of being knocked out of trees while sleeping, possessing a quick temper.
Hilbert's Sewaddle → Swadloon →Leavanny
Pokémon Information
An angry Archeops that was captured from Fennel by Team Plasma. It was part of their plan for 're-fossilization'. Archeops quickly learns to trust Hilbert. She is very loyal and powerful, if not fragile.
Hilbert's Archeops
Pokémon Information
Krookodile is strong, he knows it and he's proud of it. He can get a bit carried away in his endeavors to show off his mighty power. He's also not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, evidenced as a Sandile when his entire pack fled the scene when Hilbert attacked, whilst this particular Sandile remained oblivious to the situation (leading to his capture). However, what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in power.
Hilbert's Sandile → Krokorok → Krookodile
Pokémon Information
Its tiny stature allows it to be useful in battle. Evolving at N's Castle and participating in the final battle, Cinccino is known for its Skill Link ability.
Hilbert's Minccino → Cinccino
Pokémon Information
Meloetta was captured by Team Plasma, who used her haunting song to brainwash people into releasing their Pokémon. Rescued by Hilbert, who catches her with a Heal Ball.
Hilbert's Meloetta
Pokémon Information
Chosen by Hilbert as his starter Pokémon in the Kanto region, after losing his team to Team Rocket.
Charlotte the Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard
Pokémon Information
Accidentally caught by Hilbert while adrift at sea, Magikarp was weak and useless until it evolved into a powerful Gyarados.
Hilbert's Magikarp → Gyarados
Pokémon Information
A bit of a prankster, Gengar was captured in its fully-evolved state while in a battle with Nidorino.
Hilbert's Gengar
Pokémon Information
Headstrong and defiant, Nidoking was captured while in a battle with Gengar.
Hilbert's Nidorino → Nidoking
Pokémon Information
Caught while on a violent rampage, Primeape puts all of that energy into battle.
Hilbert's Mankey → Primeape
Pokémon Information
Caught sometime during his training for the International Police, Hilbert uses his speedy Metang for covert ops.
Hilbert's Metang


Zekrom & Reshiram Battle - Pokémon Black White

Zekrom & Reshiram Battle - Pokémon Black White


  • Hilbert is based on the protagonist of the Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version video games, sharing his name and appearance.
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