Gwen Gamble

b. February 29, 2032 (50 y/o)

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Ali Larter


Gwen Gamble is a lead character in Epiphany. Ostracized by the people of the metropolis she envisaged, Gwen accepted a difficult mission to try regaining their trust. After sustaining an injury, she finds solace with a group of survivors at an airport. Gwen is torn between starting fresh with a blank slate, or completing her mission and reclaiming her power. Characterized by many as having a 'God Complex', she is determined to prove to her detractors that she does have empathy. Gwen believes that The Plague is the best thing to ever happen to her personally, having given her wandering soul a sense of purpose that she'd never had before. Her already-large ego only grows even more after discovering that she is immune to The Plague, but she quickly discovers that this also makes her a carrier.

Character Description[edit | edit source]

...blonde, imposing, authoritative...

Quotes[edit | edit source]

I think storytelling is so important. I love to hear this, because it’s so vital to retain some sense of culture and creativity. You read novels and see movies all the time of dystopian depictions where it’s just this vast nothingness. There’s no focus on culture, just violence. If that’s where we head as a society, to this sameness of no culture, then what is going to sustain our future? How will our kids remain ‘alright’ without an appreciation for the past and in creating their own memories, and telling their own stories? It’s an interesting thought.

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