Gray Bolio

b. December 19, 2071 (11 y/o)


Manila Bolio (mother)
Asher Bolio (brother)
Anthony Bolio (father)

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Gray Bolio is a lead character in Epiphany. The younger sibling; curious, naive and a poet. Deeply spiritual and scientific all rolled into small one human being, Gray is a walking conundrum and his lack of social skills and outward emotional expression can sometimes rub others the wrong way. He is very timid and prefers to express himself through writing, revealing that despite what many see from him, he is deeply emotional and empathetic. That empathy and longing for human love is what inspires Asher to open up his own heart to living among other survivors. His spirit is thrown for a loop after taking a human life, and he struggles to grasp onto his humanity. His journey contrasts his brother's. As Asher learns to embrace hope in the world, Gray starts to be dragged down by the darkness of it and lose his innocence.

Used to being looked at and treated differently because of living life with autism, Gray finds ways to prove his worth to others. His brother is fiercely protective over him, and he ends up finding his way into a position of authority that challenges every instinct and relationship he knows.

Character DescriptionEdit

At nearly twelve, Gray was different from most people. A creature of intense habit and routine, a boy with a love for astrology, words and poetry, Gray was more educationally-inclined compared to his older brother. He had complications expressing the deep connections he was able to make with others, but the irony was that he was also the most empathic person Asher had known. Awkward and quiet, Gray didn’t necessarily not get along with others, he just found himself uncomfortable around people. His intelligence made him feel like an outsider, even with his brother. People were not easily impressed by a kid who knows-it-all, and he’d learned that the hard way--especially from Asher. When he did open up to people, though, Gray revealed an optimistic and sweet demeanor. Asher was convinced that Gray wouldn’t, maybe even couldn’t, harm a fly. Gray had an enormous heart only rivaled by the size of his brain. His hurdles came with learning who to trust in any given moment. He had an issue in seeing things from too many perspectives; some may say this is a good thing and a blessing, but Gray only saw it as a hindrance. He was unable to appreciate his own point of view. He liked to take others’ opinions in account and was easily swayed and misled. Whenever Asher had one of his bouts of sadness or distress, Gray picked up on it immediately. Probably because Gray was so used to, so drilled to, the status-quo of Asher having it all together and being in charge that the emotional outbursts threw off the routine and made Gray uncomfortable.


Writing, it's -- it's deeply personal. I just--I'm embarrassed to share, that’s all. I’ve never been good at spitting it out. Words. I’m better at writing them down. It’s the only way I’ve ever been good at expressing anything, and it’s so personal for me. That’s all.

Gray, about his writing


Some samples of Gray's poetry, coming soon.


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  • Gray is based on Ben Bolio, a minor character from Eden Rising, of which Epiphany is a reimagining.

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