Biographical Information
Full Name: Grace Berry
DOB: Unknown
Age: 21
Status: Alive
Death: N/A
Cause of Death: N/A
Affiliation: Flake's Camp
Occupation: Unknown
Gender: Female
Family: Sabrina (Sister)
Romances: Unknown
Other Information
First appearance: "Issue 2"
Last appearance: "N/A"
Portrayed by: Allie Lewis
Created by: AmazingPurry
Theme: None
Grace is a character first introduced in Issue 2 of Dead Weight. She is the quick-witted older sister to Sabrina and a member and scavenging recruit in Flake's camp.


Post ApocalypseEdit

During the initial stages of the outbreak, Grace found refuge in a camp brought together by Flake with her sister, Sabrina. They stayed there and over time she became a trusted friend of Flake's, often going out to find food and supplies with her sister.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • 1 unnamed man
  • Several of the undead


Quick-witted, smart and sarcastic. She never seems to display hostile aggression towards people she doesn't know or trust, which is possibly why she goes outside the walls often. She is easily trusted and uses her charms and flirtatious actions in favor of herself. Her sarcasm never seems to stay inside of her for too long as she is constantly spurting it whenever she can. Despite this playful seeming personality, she is well equip to survive and knows what she has to do to live in the new world.



"You can’t ignore me the whole drive home I can if I try Oh? Really. That’s real mature."
—Grace and Sabrina interacting alone for the first time[src]

Considering they're sisters, Sabrina and Grace have a very close bond which lasts into the end of humanity. Although Sabrina's sulking exterior prevents Grace from socializing from her most of the time, the sisters care deeply for each other and are able to bond, mostly when alone.


"I don’t know where you are, But please come back to us."
—Grace praying for Flake's recovery[src]

Grace and Flake are close allies and have trust in each other. This is shown when Grace cares for Flake after he falls into a short coma, she stays by his bedside to make sure nothing happens to him. Other than that, they are also shown to be close and go on scavenging missions together.


"I fucking hate Drake."

It has been hinted that there may be strain or just flat-out hatred in Drake and Grace's relationship. They don't seem to like each other and try and avoid talking to each other throughout the day. Grace shows her extreme dislike to Drake after he doesn't let her inside the camp when they're trying to escape the undead. Drake revealed his hatred of Grace to Sabrina before his death. Grace doesn't know that Sabrina killed him.


Grace is strangely fond of Robbie, she enjoys his presence and tries to get to know him as much as she can. She wants him to feel at home in the new camp.


Despite not interacting much, it can be presumed Grace wants the same for Jessica that she does for Robbie. It's also been hinted that Grace might have a crush on Jessica by Sabrina, although it wasn't confirmed, or denied, by Grace.


"Can you lower your voice?! This is how I normally talk."
—Nancy and Grace[src]


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