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Officer Frank





late 40's to early 50's


Police Officer


Hector Pacino (co-worker)
Eileen (wife, unknown)



Portrayed By

William Sadler

First Seen


Last Seen

"Empty Omems"


Neck snapped by Nolan (Empty Omens)

Time On Story

Issue 2 - Issue 18

Appears In

10 issues

Step by Step

"Tomorrow the same thing will happen. We'll wake up, ration the food, nail more planks to the holes of this place. We'll keep chancing ourselves. We'll hope for this thing to blow over. That, I'm sure of. The only thing I'm unsure about is who will die next. "
Frank to Amanda and Malcolm.[src]

Officer Frank was a supporting character in Step by Step. He was a caffeine junkie police man who was part of the Summercreek High School security. Frank was an outspoken, aged man that had no mind speaking up on issues. Despite his caffeine habit, he was a man in good shape under Brock Menster's rule.

The sudden massacre at Summercreek High School led to Frank partnering with Amanda Olson. The two got along, Amanda feeling unable to adjust because she let her partner die before. As the two got along finally, Frank became involved in Brock crusades despite Amanda's opposition. In the end, Nolan would accidentally break Frank's neck during a struggle to escape arrest. Afterwards, Frank's death would serve as the permanent wedge between Malcolm's, among others, trust towards Lyle and Nolan.


Frank lived most of his life in Indiana with his wife, Eileen. During this time he developed a caffeine addiction. Otherwise, he maintained a healthy life in Indianapolis. After serving a couple decades in uniform, he took advantage of his savings and invested in several acres of land on the far side of Indianapolis.

Frank was present in the Summercreek High School's refugee shelter. He participated in distributing rations and bottles of water to the refugees. When the refugee shelter in the cafeteria was compromise, he tried to leave the cafeteria and warn the infantry outside. He and a troupe of police officers kept the refugees from leaving until the crazies started picking off the refugees. Thus, he was body slammed to the outside hallway by the crowd.

He managed to recover from that and met up with Nolan before resting on a cot looking for a rest. He participated in the mutiny against Hector before being rescued by Malcolm. A week passed, and he was assigned to work with Amanda Olson as her temporary partner.

Willing to help arrest Lyle after Lyle's supply of caffeine products ran out, Frank informed Brock that Lyle was working with Nolan. Afterwards, he found Nolan and attempted to bring him to Brock, Nolan resisted and snapped Frank's neck, instantly killing him.

While not in the flesh, Frank played an important part here. As Nolan did cause his death, Malcolm and the other soldiers used this and other crimes to detain the Trouble Quartet.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of crazies


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