Ethan Nathan is a character from The Sewers.



Almost nothing is known about Ethan's life prior to the outbreak. He was a retired soldier, and liked working in his garden. He also worked at Pennystown Supplies without getting pay. He also had a ton of hobbies like hunting, golf, fishing and much more. He often went hunting with Neil.


Arc 1 - Fear Edit

At some point Ethan met up with the other survivors, and fled to the sewers. As the herd arrives, and Cole begins to talk about humanity, Ethan realizes that Cole is right. He tells the men to stop shooting, due to humanity. Brad gets furious and tells Ethan not to try to take charge. Ethan, and the rest of the men, is speakless. Brad shoots Ethan, which causes Andy to beat Brad up. Ethan is then taked care of by Seth Norris. Cole, Ringo, Elbert and Bella went to Ethan's house to gather his weapons and ammunition.

When the survivors got back to the camp, Ethan was keeping watch along with Timmy.

After Tucker attacked Neil, Ethan stayed to talk with Tucker.

Ethan participated in the shootout between the Sewer group and Alfred's gang.

He listened at Hunter's speech.

Arc 2 - SorrowEdit

Ethan stayed back while the others went on scouting missions.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of zombies







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