Eric De La Cruz is a major character in NEW DAY..
Eric De La Cruz

Portrayed by:







33 (episode 1)


Police Officer (Episode 1)
Captain (Episode 4)

Created by:




Mason Wylie - co-worker, rival
Nathan Snapes - captain

Affiliated Groups:

Belforde Police Force, Western District


First Seen:

Episode 1

Last Seen:



Episode 1Edit

We first see Eric in a flashback where he and Mason are just graduating from the police academy. A back and forth bickering occurs between the two hinting at the future rivalry to come.

Eric is much older, and mature the next time we see him. Nonetheless, there is still an evident rivalry between Mason. After Mason is sent to investigate a crime scene by their captain, Nathan Snapes, Nathan pulls the fire alarm that causes the rest of the building to evacuate.

Later, Eric is the one to apprehend Mason.

Episode 2Edit

Eric is briefly mentioned, visiting Mason in prison and pleading him to confess to make it easier on him.

Episode 3Edit

Mark Essie, Mason's partner in this investigation, approaches Eric with a case file that could effectively strengthen Mason's case. Apprehensive at first, Eric is later convinced by Mason to help him; Mason didn't have to go to Eric, but, seeing as this needed to be done right, Mason counts on Eric to properly close this case.

Eric, Mason, and Mark confront their captain, Nathan, one of the names repeatedly mentioned in the case file. Eric bluffs issuing a warrant on Nathan, forcing him to cooperate. Eric promises a plea deal if he does.

Episode 4Edit

Eric assists Mason in wiretapping the place where Nathan is to produce the criminal responsible for Mason's wrongful framing. The criminal is revealed to be Ron Kelly, Mason's partner.

Eric is later seen in a press release regarding Mason's current case; he announces that Mason was wrongfully accused, and it was orchestrated by Ron Kelly. Before he could issue Ron's arrest, they find him having committed suicide.

Eric is later promoted as impromptu captain of the district. He converses with Mason about their future plans, and asks him if it was Mason who killed Ron. Mason doesn't outright say it. Eric lets him go out of respect.

Eric is officially inaugurated as the western district's police captain.


Three years later, Eric assists Mason in his new venture; an alternative youth program. Eric brings along two other cops to help him paint a classroom.

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