The Plague, also known as The Infection or The Virus, is a fictional extra-terrestrial disease presented in Epiphany. Similar to the Rage Virus in the film series 28 Days Later, it is differentiated from a typical zombie as it puts its victims into a state of extreme and uncontrollable rage, without killing their bodies, so they are not technically "reanimated" - just infected.



A space meteorite crashed onto the frozen landscape of the Antarctic, where a science team was conducting behavioral research on penguins. Their exposure led to the deaths of all but one member of the team.


It is known that the scientists from London airlifted the meteorite out of the Arctic in hopes to study it. After its airlifting, the virus ended up in multiple locations throughout the world and has since spread globally.


The nature of the plague and its ability to infect is still mysterious. The initial infection spread through the air, but it also has the ability to spread through blood or saliva. This contributed to its quick and unpredictable outbreak all over the world.

Typically, the host will fall into a feverous, fatigued, and eventually unconscious, state before turning, especially if they fall victim to a bite. It can take seconds, minutes, or hours for a victim to fully succumb to the infection, showing symptoms like twitching or convulsing. It is theorized that it depends on the body's immune system as to how quickly or slowly they succumb to the plague's effects.


The plague causes internal damage, especially to the capillaries, causing victims to constantly bleed from the eyes and mouth, as well as causing them to vomit blood. The infected individual's eyes can change color, to a scarlet or yellow hue.

The infected individual is put into a state of high and uncontrollable aggression, and they also lose basic communication or higher intelligence skills. They are, however, put into a heightened state of mobility and endurance, allowing them to run at their potential victims with vigor. They do still succumb to the effects of fatigue, however, and oftentimes can lumber slowly in a zombie-like state. They still need food to survive, and can starve to death. This leads to the next point: they can be killed by any means, because they are still technically human. Headshots are not required.




  • The Plague holds many similarities to the Rage Virus of 28 Days Later that inspired it. However, its extra-terrestrial nature, ability to infect through airborne means, and many of the plague's individual characteristics differ from it considerably.
  • This page will be updated as the characters discover more about the plague they are up against.
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