This page provides a hub to find the various characters featured in Epiphany.


The following characters are considered the ten lead characters, or protagonists, in Epiphany. They are listed alphabetically by first name.

PortalAsher PortalDeclan PortalGray PortalGwen
Asher Bolio Declan O'Day Gray Bolio Gwen Gamble
PortalKimoni PortalManila PortalPJ PortalTamsin
Kimoni Manila Bolio PJ Cassavoy Tamsin Culpepper
PortalWinnie PortalXavi
Winnie Knapchuck Xavi Aguilar

Supporting CharactersEdit

PortalAnson PortalBonnie PortalJuneau PortalKate
Anson Hou Bonnie Juneau Kate Sandoval
PortalGeneral PortalGillian PortalMicaiah PortalNewt
The General Gillian Cassavoy Micaiah Cain Newt
PortalPhoebe PortalSimon PortalWolf
Phoebe Simon Boyle Wolf Angelo
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