Epiphany is a post-apocalyptic story, written by Johno1995.

The plan for Epiphany is to get it published some day. My intention with pages on the Wiki are to post excerpts and garner some interest for the story. I will create character pages, adding character descriptions and quotes and hypothetical actors for each. I may post chapters in PDF format to preview them as time continues. I'm making decent progress on an outline and have four chapters completed in full. You guys have been so gracious with me in the past and figured if anyone needed an update on what Johno is doing lately in terms of writing, it's my UFSW fam.

I plan on making a lot of the chapters shorter and splitting up flashbacks and making them separate from the present-day chapters, but I'm combining them for posts here so that my updates are bigger/more substantial. These are also first drafts, so I intend to edit and change up/delete a lot of stuff once I look for publishing options! 


A plague of epic proportions spreads across the globe in the year 2072. The world collapses into chaos and this story follows the fractured lives of survivors who are in desperate need of a little hope.

Ten years later, it's 2082. The United States has disintegrated into various communities, with one central metropolis attempting to reunite these clans. Another group is recruiting cities on its own accord and with more violent, terrifying means. Its leader taunts about a secret weapon he has developed, holding the communities under his iron fist. A war is brewing and the future is not looking bright.

Survivors caught in the middle of this conflict overhear a mysterious radio broadcast touting refuge across a decimated land known only as The Dead Zone. The survivors find themselves struggling with whether or not trying to attempt this journey will be worth the exodus, or if the conflict at home is solvable despite dark and uncertain times.


Epiphany can be identified by three main themes.

The story's primary theme is faith. Characters with many different points-of-view are given clear definition on their own faith, and throughout the story, these characters will feel tested and question their beliefs. Faith, or lack thereof, can steer the cast in varying directions and act as the main driving force -- whether it be faith in a spiritual sense, or faith in themselves and each other.

Another theme is redemption. Flawed humans who have made mistakes, and continue doing so, seek internal resolution for these issues. These characters are broken spirits who attempt to reconstruct their souls into something good from the shattered pieces. Whether a character starts out with nothing to atone for or plenty, they will all go through events that leave them yearning for self-forgiveness. Some will succeed, others will fail.

The final main theme of Epiphany is family. In a world where the concept is a dying artifact, many of the story's major characters come to question that mindset. The definition of what a family consists of is questioned, as well as the relevancy of the family unit.


A character portal page is located here.

Many characters are adaptations of characters featured in the author's previous story, Eden Rising.

Some of the previous work's major characters, however, are confirmed to not receive the remake treatment. These include:

Other major characters are still being considered to appear in some form, while some new characters will featured combined elements of two or more characters from the source material.

The PlagueEdit

For more information on the plague and its characteristics, click here.


  • The title of the story is a word that means two things: a manifestation of divine or supernatural being, as well as a moment of sudden revelation or insight.
    • The title of the published work will differ from what I'm posting here on the Wiki. I still have not decided what to use, but Epiphany is a working title and will NOT be the final title
  • This story is a rewrite of the author's previous story, the cancelled Eden Rising.
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