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Listen to me, this world? It's changed. This isn't like before where you could go out, break a few rules and then come home to get a band aid and deal with being grounded as punishment. This is life and death, everyday, and we have aliens, along with whatever the heck else lives on this planet now, trying to kill us. There's no learn and improve. There's fight or hide. Stand or run... and live or DIE. - N/A

Enemies From The Heart is a story written by Jamie141 which follows a very big catastrophic event of aliens arriving to Earth with unknown intentions that involve the complete domination of Humanity as various alien species are let loose on Earth and those left able to fight end up standing against unbeatable odds while most of the population are enslaved or worse.


Unknown to the majority of the population, Humanity has been facing a possible threat of being invaded from species off of their world for around a year by now and moves are now being made as aliens launch their first strikes against the world and America's military begins gathering together a small secret army in preparation for a fight of the ages.

As this goes on, Nia, a woman who abandoned her family three years ago when she was seventeen and hasn't resumed contact with them since, has had her mother recently get in touch and convinced her to go out on a camping with her younger sister who has hated her since she left.

This decision leads to the two sisters ending up stuck together as they and the rest of the population is forced into the biggest war on Earth yet which threatens to leave everyone's lives changed forever.

The aliens are here and so are the horrors from within...


Act One
Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
001. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
002. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
003. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
004. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
005. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
006. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
Act Two
Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
007. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
008. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
009. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
010. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
011. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
012. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
Act Three
Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
013. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
014. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
015. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
016. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
017. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
018. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
Act Four
Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
019. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
020. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
021. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
022. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
023. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds
024. "TBA" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds


A full list of characters, with their current statuses, can be found here.

Season One

Main Characters

Guest Characters

Recurring Characters

Alien SpeciesEdit

Season One Introduced


Story Start Date : 22nd June 2019

Full Invasion Start Date : TBA

Days Passed Since Story Start Date : 0

Days Passed Since Full Invasion Start Date : 0


Unmarked Locations : Issue 001 - Issue ???

Washington D.C. : Issue 001 - Issue ???


  • Each of the seasons in this story have a song assigned to them as a form of theme.
    • The first season's song is This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars.
  • The overall story also uses the song I'd Love To Change The World by Jetta for its title sequence.
  • The mixed using of Seasons and issues were inspired by Stranger Things with their seasons but then chapters instead of episodes.


The specials are extra stories set within the same universe as Enemies From The Heart.

Title Completion Date Word Count Reading Time
01. "Say Hi To The X Cadets" ??/??/???? ??,??? Words ?? Minutes ?? Seconds


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