This is #13 of Endangered and is titled Chaos. It is part 1 of Volume 2.


A Few Hours Earlier

“Who fucking owns you?!”

“Y-y-you do.”

“I can’t fucking hear you!”

“I said you do! You do papi!”

“That’s fucking right. You’re my little slut, you’re my bitch.”

“Yes master.”

Seeing he had finally given showed the little slut who was in charge, Reck Thum finally stands up onto his feet. Pulling up his jeans and zippering them up, Reck walks away from the escort he ordered, who still lays in pain on top of his couch. She needed a little breathing time after Reck’s fun time. Reck was rough.

Reck Thum. Probably the biggest douche in the city of Philadelphia. He walks around with tattoos all over him, mouth and nose rings, and shaggy ass clothes. In short he was trying to act like he was ghetto, yet it’s clear he’s just some white faggot. Reck, who had just finished taking a sip of beer, looks back at the couch where the girl was.

His room is just as bad as he looks. Ripped up posters, trash and clothes over the place, worn out furniture, and broken windows. The place looked abandoned and that’s because it was; this was just one of Reck’s many hideouts. Being the man he is Reck had to move around alot. He was a criminal, a big one. Drug Dealer, Pimp, Hitman, and presumably many other things. He was a bad dude.

After tossing the now empty beer can into the trash, Reck slips out his phone and takes a look. A text message from none other than an old friend of his; Daniel Brown. Back in Daniel’s younger days Reck and him made good friends, that was until Daniel become that mob boss. They still kept in touch but Daniel had more responsibilities now. It’s a very simple message, only having six letters.


Reck complies and soon clicks call and lets his phone ring. After a few minutes he can hear the phone pick up. “Danny Boy.” Reck says happily. “What’s up with my nigga.”

“Nothing much. I see you’re still trying to act black though.”

“I am black.”

“No you ain’t.” Daniel jokes into the phone, but Reck could tell Daniel had something serious to talk about. “Now we gotta talk.”

“About what, DB?”

“I have a job.”

“What kind of job?”

“The job where you get money.”

“Sounds fucking amazing to me. Tell me the deets.”

“I want someone dead by tonight.” Reck looks down at his watch. He didn’t have a lot of time for this.

“Tonight? Couldn’t you have told me this ea-”

“Master, I’m feeling really really horn-” Reck’s slut suddenly moans over, like she was in the middle of having one.

“Bitch would you shut the fuck up!” Reck shouts at her, while Daniel just laughs on the other side. “Fuck it, what do I have to do?”

“There’s some dude named James Benjamin, some lawyer prick I don’t know. I’m gonna text you details and I want you to kill him. Alright?”

“Sounds good to me. Just get that money ready."

It only happened in a few seconds. A few mere seconds. The city of Philadelphia went from the city it was to this all out battleground. People ran quickly down the streets, screaming fear and pushing anyone out of their way out of this fear. Some people just began pushing random people to the ground in order to escape, but they were everywhere.

The infected people ran wildly down the streets of Philadelphia like a parade. Their wild, blood wrenching screams filled the air while they ran down the streets, their eyes filled with rage and death. These infected grabbed wildly at innocent people running down the streets and tried eating them. Some managed to keep running but others weren’t so lucky and their skin was torn apart slowly.

Michael tried not to look back, he really tried. He just tried to keep running and not look back; fuck everyone else, right? But it was his curiously and fear that caused him to turn around, and he was forced to watch as another infected tackled some innocent girl to the ground. In only a matter of seconds the infected bit into her neck and began tearing her apart. Michael has seen a lot but this was to much….he felt like he could puke.

Instead he simply just held it in and ran away, hoping to God these things won’t get him. It had to have been ten minutes since he met that infected, but it was definitely the worst ten minutes in his life. Panicly turning down a random street he finds the same chaos going on there. Cars were crashing into walls, fires were starting, and people ran mindlessly. Michael never thought his heart could beat this fast but that’s what fear does.

Deciding it’s to dangerous to turn around he simply runs down that street, trying to ignore the chaos going on around him. The only goal Michael had was to get home, to his apartment. That and he needed...he needed to find Sarah. He needs to know she’s safe.

However his mind is suddenly thrown off after hearing nearby gunshots, and he suddenly jumps at the noise. Gunshots were rapidly going off and Michael could only hope they were directed at the infected.

After making it out of the block he quickly looks both ways; both were chaos. Wrecked cars, bodies, panicked people and infected. However after looking to his right he noticed a lone car going down the street, the driver dead and the car driving aimlessly. It only took a minute for the car to drive into a gas station and in only a second the station exploded into fire, spreading around the area. That made Michael’s choice a lot easier and he ran left.

“What the hell?” Vicky asks upon waking up from her bed. She was sleeping pretty good until she heard all the ruckus going on outside; it’s always hard to sleep when the college is so close to the city. “Lara?” She asks aloud to her roommate, who should be across the room. However there is no reply. “Lara?”

Sitting up onto her feet she is shocked to find Lara’s bed empty, and Lara is no where to be seen. She must of never come back after leaving. Vicky only moans and throws her covers up, before sitting up. Wearing only a plain white shirt and panties, Vicky was not ready to go see what’s going on outside. So instead she just walks over to her window and looks outside to see what’s going on.

Outside Vicky is shocked to find people running around, and sirens going off all over the place. “The fuck?”

Tired and a little annoyed Vicky just wants to know what’s going on, so she quickly grabs a pair of sweatpants, throws them on, and grabs her phone before walking toward her door. After rubbing her head a little bit Vicky silently opens her dorm door to find some strange stuff going outside, strange enough even for college. Some of her classmates ran down the hallways ignoring everyone around them, and just hoping to escape something. Seeing a student she sort of recognized run by she figures she can ask what’s going on.

“Garret what the hell is-” Vicky tries asking him but he acts like he never saw her and just keeps running. “Oh, fine then.” She says to herself before exiting into the hallway, leaving her door open. Putting her phone in her pocket Vicky then looks down the hall where all the students are coming from, and sees what they’re running from. She sees some people running down the hall, trying to attack everyone in sight. At first she thought they were just drunk but upon closer look saw they were one of those infected people from the mall.

Quickly exploding into fear Vicky runs from those things, not even bothering to shut her door. Blending into the crowd of panicked college kids Vicky doesn’t even look back at the infected, instead just running forward. Sure she feels like stopping to see if everyone is okay but she wasn’t gonna die for that. She didn’t want to die being torn apart by those things.

Running down the halls alone, with only her panicked classmates next to her, she suddenly thinks about Lara. Where the hell was she? Deciding that searching for Lara came first, Vicky hesitantly ran away from the exit doors that were up ahead, instead going back to search for her friend. Using her skinny, fragile body she managed to squeeze past the group of people running bye to search for Lara, deciding to try and call her once she gets out of the hallways.

After making another turn Vicky notices an infected digging wildly into a student, tearing the student apart limb by limb. She suddenly grows sick to her stomach but just turns around and runs before the infected can notice her, as it’s to interested in it’s current meal.

Soon enough Vicky found herself at the library but while gripping the door handle finds it not budging. She curses under her breath and tries again harder, nothing. Taking a quick look around her she finds the area around her in ruins with destroyed furniture in the hallways and blood. She always dreamed of this place being destroyed but not like this. After taking a deep breath she slams her shoulder into the door and this time it flings open, to which Vicky then runs inside and slams the door shut behind her.

However once looking around the library Vicky instantly wished she didn’t enter this room. Slowly Vicky looks around the trashed room to find it the aftermath of some sort of massacre. Like she expected the shelves that used to contain books are knocked over, and the books are scattered around, but she didn’t expect a small ocean of bodies in there. Numerous bodies are scattered around the place and blood is everywhere, Vicky even notices a puddle of blood right next to her. This place was hit bad.

Vicky couldn’t hold it in any longer and she suddenly pukes onto the floor, falling onto her knees and hands while doing so. After finally letting it all up Vicky takes fast breathes, in panic and shock right now. She breathes once. Twice. Three times. Around the fourth breath she finally begins to calm down, and soon enough finds herself okay again. Getting off her hands she uses the collars to wipe her watery eyes, before finally standing to her feet. She looks back to the library massacre, then sighs. She wants to make sure Lara isn’t one of them, so she slowly makes her way across the room, trying not to step in the puddles of blood. “Oh God.” She silently says to herself after her bare foot accidentally goes in some blood, and she nearly shrieks but keeps going. Along the way she makes sure to check every face, none were Lara.

“Lara?” She silently, and weakly, asks around the room; she was hoping that Lara would just pop from around the corner with a smile on her face but she knew better. She knew Lara wasn’t here, so deciding that searching physically wasn’t smart, Vicky rips out her cell phone and dials Lara’s cell. It rings and rings and rings; with each fucking ring Vicky’s heart slumps downward. Soon enough it just goes to voice machine. She just wants to cry at that moment. But she decides to leave a message, hoping Lara would get it.

“Hey Lara i-it’s me, Vics. I um just wanted to call and see if you’re alright, or if you’re even alive.” Saying those words killed Vicky but she kept going. “Just please call me back because I don’t know what’s going on and this whole place is a nightmare and - Oh God I can’t fucking take it.” She begins growing panicked again and just wipes her eyes, but this time she notices something. Out of the corner of her eye she sees a lone infected going around, and she quickly hangs up the phone and stands still, trying not to make a noise.

Slowly Vicky backs away, using her hand to cover her mouth while stepping through the blood. She can feel it sinking in between her toes; she hates it. After taking a few more hammering footsteps she steps on a loose floorboard and it makes a giant creek sound. The infected quickly snaps it’s head in the direction and it’s eyes lock with Vicky, who suddenly enters pure shock when the eyes fall on her. Her whole body tenses up and everything around her goes silent...just silence.

After a few seconds the infected lets out it’s scream before charging at Vicky, and this is what wakes the scared girl. She runs wildly away from the beast and seeing the nearest safe haven was a classroom, runs inside. Once inside Vicky quickly slammed the door shut and fell onto her ass, hoping the door would keep the infected out.

It didn’t.

In a few mere seconds the infected began to bang at the door, and Vicky listened intensly. It was going hard. Standing to her feet she tried looking for a place to exit yet there was none. That door was the only exit to this room, forcing Vicky to hide. Quickly crawling under the teacher’s desk she peeked around to watch as it began to claw at the door. Soon enough it’s fist broke through the door and it began to tear the door apart, until it was down and it ran in. Throwing her hand over her mouth she listens while the infected stands in the middle of the room, scanning slowly and making it’s creepy moaning sounds. Vicky only holds her hand to her mouth tighter, hoping not to make a peak, while the infected roams around the room. It’s like it’s searching for her. Not making a noise, nor attempting to see where it’s at, she just listens while it’s movement. It circles around the room slowly, trying to sniff out Vicky; she couldn’t hold her breath much longer.

Luckily she didn’t have to because gunshots ring outside, causing Vicky to jump but the infected instead pursues the gunshots and runs out of the room, allowing Vicky to breathe.

“Dad, what’s going on?!” Sarah tries to ask while James drove around the outskirts of the city, although their ride home wasn’t going as planned. Not only has numerous cop cars, ambulances, and fire trucks passed, but as did numerous helicopters that are cycling around the city up ahead. Something was definitely wrong as Sarah thought she saw smoke too. “Dad?”

James, who had been ignoring her question, focuses on driving to see what the hell is going on, while trying to check his phone for news. His phone of course wasn’t acting good so the radio was his only option. “Sarah turn to the news channel.” He simply demands, ignoring her earlier question.

“Dad I asked-”

“Sarah turn on the damn channel!” James once again demands, this time with a louder voice. While he didn’t know what the hell was going on, his fatherly protective skills were kicking in. Sarah soon obeys and panicky reaches for the radio and after switching a few channels finds herself at the news channel. At James’s request she then proceeds to turn it up.

“Reports have been coming in from all over the states, and it is clear this attack is not just in Philadelphia.” The news starts out although James still had no idea what this attack was. “For those just tuning in, a army like of cannibal like creatures, almost like zombies, have been attacking cities. Cities like Philadelphia and Chicago have been hit the worst, with the Air Force reportedly already taking action in Chicago.”

“Dad what is she say-”

“Sarah, quiet!”

“Dad she just mentioned fucking-”

“Hey!” James intervenes her again. “Watch your mouth.” Even in whatever was going on James found it in him to keep good parenting skills, so Sarah just nods.

“Sorry.” She says while James goes back to driving, also keeping his ear on the radio. From what he knows they’re cannibals in the city, and of course they gotta cross the city to get home. This whole thing was just confusing, weird, and a scary. It was scary to Sarah especially, who currently sat panicky in her seat. James just pressed his foot down on the gas harder and sped up, hoping he could get home faster.

Making his way up the steps with a silenced pistol in his hand, Reck was ready to get the job done. After arriving at the door he paused, knocked, and waited. No one answered at first, so he waited another minute. Still nothing.

Currently Reck was at the household of James Benjamin, some lawyer who he was supposed to kill. However Reck appeared to hit a bump in the plan because Reck wasn’t home, so he just muttered something before looking at other ways in. If James’s wasn't home now then he was just gonna simply wait for him.

Walking down the stairs he made his way to the front window, and saw it was the best way in. Slowly Reck lifted up the window before climbing in.

“What’s going on out there?” Joel asks to Reyes, who currently sits gazing out the window in hopes of seeing what was going on. Not long ago the streets were silent before suddenly exploding into chaos; there had to be an answer to why.

“No clue.” Reyes replies back, to which Joel shrugs and leans back onto the wall, his pistol still in hand.

“Probably nothing. Probably just some Beliebers rioting ‘bout Bieber.”

“If only.” Reyes says before going back to the window. “So when’s that hitman coming.”

“I don’t know. Knowing Brown, probably soon.”

“You said that thirty minutes ago.”

“Do I look like a fucking clock?” Reyes rolls his eyes at that response and chooses not to reply. The two than stand in silence for a few minutes. “Still nothing?”

“Still nothing.”

“Well shit this is boring. I was thinking this was gonna be some James Bond shit.” Joel attempts to joke with Reyes, seeing as there was nothing else to do. For once he was dropping that cold shell; however Reyes wasn’t responding and instead was more serious at the moment. “Hey Taco, you deaf or something?”

“Names not Taco.”

“Well I really don’t give a fuck so Taco it is.”

“You Americans can be so fucking annoying.” Reyes shakes his head and is about to say something else before pausing himself. He heard a noise outside in the hallways, and Joel heard it to because he straightened up. The noise was like footsteps and they were getting closer. “Go see what that is.”

Joel doesn’t argue and slowly opens the door, peeks his head to see nothing, then steps out fully. However the moment Joel steps into the hallway he is suddenly whacked over the head with the butt of a rifle, knocking him over immediately. The attacker then quickly aims his rifle at Reyes and opens fire, forcing Reyes to take cover behind his bed.

Joel, who now is suffering a bleeding head, gives a quick kick to the attacker’s foot before going for his pistol. Now sitting right with the attacker he then aimed at Joel and tried to fire at him, but Reyes had already hurled a plate at his head. Once the plate connects with his head Joel aims his pistol at the man and fires, only to find the safety is still on. “Fuck.” He begins to mutter to himself while turning off the pistol, but the attacker kicked him in the face before he can do anything, send the gun sliding away.

Joel, who was basically defeated, just moaned in pain while Reyes took his turn. Running up behind the attacker he gave him a firm tackle to the ground. The two men slammed onto the ground, with Reyes on top, while the rifle slides away from reach. Reyes is quick to give the man a few hard punches to the face, but the man was completely stronger than Reyes. He pushes Reyes off him and stands to his feet, and attempts to grab Reyes. Reyes, having great reflexes, is quick to dodge this and knees the man in the stomach.

Joel, who had lying on the ground in pain, begins to crawl toward the rifle while Reyes wrestles with the man. Reyes is putting up a good fight, as is the attacker, and he kicks the man into the wall. Joel, upon reaching the rifle, stands to his feet and grabs it, but before he can aim at the man he is interrupted by something else. Up the stairs come infected, screaming their scream, trying to grab Joel. “What the hell!” Joel says before aiming at the infected and firing, watching while three bullets dig into it’s chest.

The infected is quick to tumble over and Joel takes fire at the other infected while the two men keep fighting. Reyes, not knowing what these things are, sees these things can help him. So grabbing the man by the collar he tosses him to the edge of the stairs, and holds him over. While only on the first floor the fall wouldn’t kill him, but the infected downstairs will. While the man had no idea what these things were he knew he didn’t want to get trapped with some. But no way was he gonna beg. “Come on buddy, do it.” He mocks Reyes, who hesitates to drop him over. After a few moments Reyes just closes his eyes and pushes the man over the edge, listening to his screams while he falls; then the sudden bang once he hits the floor. The infected were quick to tear into the man and they tear him apart, while Reyes backs away from the stairs. Joel, who had tossed Reyes the pistol, doesn’t even hesitate to run down the hall. “Hey yo Reyes, we gotta go!”

Getting out of his trance Reyes nods and hurries after Joel, who was already down the hall.

“Everybody needs to calm down!” Michael thinks he hears a police officer say, with the officer and his friends going down the streets trying to help people. It was true, this was getting out of control. However Michael just kept running instead of listening to them, deducing that the safest haven right now was his home.

Truth was Michael was getting tired, really tired. For the past--well however the fuck how long this has been going on--Michael has just been running non-stop, barely stopping to get breaths. He wasn’t gonna risk his life just for a few short breaths; not yet anyways.

Upon making his way onto another street Michael notices something going onto his right. At the Electronics Store he can see people ransacking the store like crazy. They were fighting, breaking stuff, and going crazy just to get a few good electronics for free. They must be big dumbasses to try that now; however the thought ponders Michael and he wonders if it’s a good idea. This thought is diminished however when he sees a hooded man standing at the door pulling out a small, black pistol. The man begins to fire at people just to get stuff inside. The sight of seeing a young man being shot in the chest horrified Michael but he snapped out of it and ran, hoping to get far away.

He sprints for another few blocks, running past the infected and other people, non-stop. He can feel his insides burning, his mouth going dry, and the sweat slowly dripping down his face yet he doesn’t stop. However upon going onto another block he is met with the image of numerous infected, and all their eyes lock on him. Scrambling to his feet he quickly looks left to see a exit in the shape of the small church doorway.

Using all his energy he begins to sprint left but is suddenly knocked over by a stray infected, which instantly goes to take a bite out of him. While Michael does try to get up the infected dives for his leg and quickly bites into his leg. Michael is quick however and gives the infected a kick to the head before escaping into the church, slamming the doors shut behind him. With that done Michael quickly grabs a nearby shelf and drags it in front of the door, blocking it off.

He was safe; safe enough to finally breath. Looking down to the ground he sees the place where the infected bit him, luckily the bite didn't go through his jeans.

Collapsing onto the ground Michael just sits there for a few minutes, finally taking his well deserved breaths. Fastly he breathes, not taking the short slow breathes. It was feeling good just to take breathes; he could feel his energy coming back. After another few minutes Michael can finally feel good again, although he begins to use this time to think. He never had time to think about what the hell was going on out there. The city was like a war zone.

Recently Michael has been hearing about the infection stuff but this was just to extreme; too extreme. Sure enough however the government will be able to get things under control like always. This thing couldn’t be that bad.

Standing onto his feet Michael rips out his phone, thinking maybe he can call Sarah. However he finds all cell reception gone, making him curse under his breath. With his phone useless he just digs his phone back into his pocket and descends deeper into the small church, with the church only being the size of a normal house really. After walking into the main area he sees this church is completely empty, except for one man. A man who currently sat on the steps in front of the cross. A priest, at least Michael thinks he’s a priest.

The unknown priest kneels in front of the cross while muttering a prayer Michael can’t hear good, but he can over here the word “forgive me.” Michael walks closer only to stop at the front row of seats, just as the priest notices him.

“Hi there.” Michael interrupts his prayer, feeling a little awkward. “You okay?” Michael can feel the man’s eyes on him, but he doesn’t do anything but stand there.

“Are--are you here to repent?” The man stutters over to Michael, while the man turns around to face him. He had to have been a middle aged man with his gray hair and dark eyes, but he seemed normal enough.


“Re--repent. They say he can wash away all your sins.” The man smiles. “Don’t you want that?” The way this man was talking, Michael knew this man wasn’t right in the head. Something snapped.

“Hate to break it to you but ain’t nobody taking your um ‘sins’ away.” Michael’s answer doesn’t seem to sit right with him because he flinches. “I’m gonna ask again, you okay there?”

“He doesn’t believe.” The man mutters to himself. “He’s a non-believer.” He also mutters again, acting like Michael isn’t there. Before Michael can say anything however the man turns up to him again. “I’m here to repent. Repent. Repent. He must forgive me.” The man shakes. “He hates me.”

“What the hell are you-”

“He left--left me behind. I was left behind. I was so good, and he left me here.”

“Who the fuck left you?”

“God. My Father. He left me to here to die.” Michael looks closer at the man and can see a bloody knife hidden in his sleeve. Michael knew what this guy was doing.

“Yo, hey there buddy. Just put that knife down.”

“Why did he leave me?”

“No one-”

“Why did he LEAVE me!” He lashes at Michael. “I don’t wanna see it. This is it, this is it, this is it.”

“It’s what?”

“The end of the world! The day the world ends!-” The Man stands up onto his feet and throws his arms up in the air like he’s rejoicing. “-He has come back to claim his people! He took his people home to the land of the free! But--but we’re the bad ones.” The man eyes up at Michael. “He thinks of me as trash.”

“You’re not trash.” Michael tries convincing him. Truth was Michael knows he should just run and ditch this psycho, but he wouldn’t feel right just letting someone else die. “Look just put the knife down and we can talk.”

“Talk? Talk about what? There is nothing to talk about because this is the end!” His eyes grow wide with realization. “You’re a non-believer. You don’t believe, do you?!”


“Heathen! You and your kind are filth!” The man rips out his knife and points it at Michael. “You’re gonna rot--rot here.”

“Buddy you’re not right in the head.”

“I’m insane? No, I’m the only one who sees the truth! You’re the insane one! My--my wife was saying the same thing to me. She didn’t see-” Michael let’s his eyes fall to the corner of the church where he sees the sight. What he originally thought was trash turned out to be something worse. In the corner of the church was the body of a dead woman, who was stabbed to the death. But what was worse was the other sight.

The sight of the infant baby on top of her, with a knife wound in it’s small little neck. “-they didn’t want to come with me. So I had--I had to take it for them.”

“You sick little fuck.”

“Don’t speak to me like that!” The man points the knife covered with his family’s blood at Michael. “You must be him. You must be the evil one.”

“What the fuck are you going on about?” Michael’s hope for this dude had slipped away, and it was clear this dude was insane and beyond saving. Michael currently was just trying to find a way out of this that didn’t end with the man chasing him.

“You’re the false shepherd. You came here to try and stop me from being with him! Oh, but you’re not tricking me. YOU CAN’T TRICK ME!” The man holds the bloody knife to his throat, and quicker than Michael can comprehend, he slits his throat wide open. It only took a millisecond for the man’s bloody, limb body fall to the ground, with the knife rolling across the ground until it lands at Michael’s feet.

Michael just finds himself go into shock and he feels frozen in place having just watch the sight. He doesn’t know what to think, or what to even do. So he just stands there in shock, before falling onto his knees and throwing up onto the floor.

How could someone turn that insane in only a short amount of time?

Michael didn’t even want to know the answer to his question and just sat there on his knees, before collapsing onto his back, and just staring up to the roof.

“Sarah, close your eyes!” James commands the petrified Sarah, who just watched a infected tear someone’s vocal cords out. In only the short amount of time the pair had been in the city, they had seen so much. Fires, crashes, infected. Hell, James even thought he saw a helicopter crash nearby. Next to him sat Sarah who just had her eyes closed and holding back the tears.

Turning down another street, James finds himself driving into mayhem. A group of people run in his way, and they’re so many that James is forced to go from 80 miles per hour to 20. These people paid no attention to the fact there was a car and they just ran by, James even thought he saw people push each other to the ground. “C’mon!” James tries beeping his horn for the people to clear a path but they don’t. “Damnit!”

“Can’t--can’t we just speed up?” Sarah asks through her tears to James, who she could tell was incredible determined right now.

“No, these people are in the way.”

“So? I mean it’s there fault if we hit them.”

“I ain’t gonna run them over! How the hell could you even suggest that?”

“Because I’m scared!”

“Well I am too, but you don’t see me panicking!” James says before going back to driving, doing his best to navigate through the people. After a few minutes the people cease to keep running in his way and he immediately speeds down the street again. In this speeding Sarah holds onto the seat and just stares out the window, watching as infected run around like mad men.

James just keeps driving, yet while driving is thrown off guard when an infected jumps in front of them. Quickly he swerves out of it’s way, not knowing if it’s still human, and it instead slams into the passenger window where Sarah was, causing the girl to jump and scream. “We’ll be home soon baby, I promise.”


After another half-hour drive, the Benjamin’s finally arrive back home to the safety of their suburban home. From what it appears the suburbs weren’t hit as bad as the city, as they saw no infected once arriving there. Of course the suburb people got the “bad shit going on” memo and he could see all doors and windows locked, with every car in the garage.

James, having his arm around the upset Sarah, soon pulls up to their house which luckily looks unharmed. That of course doesn’t get rid of the horrors they saw in the city so James doesn’t even say anything, he just parks the car in the driveway and gets out with Sarah. The girl’s eyes spell fear while she runs out of the car and into James’s arms, who currently surveys the area. It was dead silent.

They were safe.

“It’s okay sweetie.” James comforts her, running his hands through her hair. “It’s okay.”

“Daddy, I-”

“Sarah, c’mon we gotta get inside.” He grabs her by the shoulder and wraps her around. “We can talk in there.” She nods and follows him up the stairs to the front door, where he quickly opens the door and enters the house with Sarah before slamming it shut.

Once inside James is quick to lock the door and turn on the lights, to which Sarah then pulls her dad in for a hug. She was scared and James knew that, but she was safe. Sarah looks up at her father and is about to say something but she pauses, and her eyes go wide. “Sarah what is it?”

“Daddy!” She shouts and he instantly turns around to see a thuggish man standing in the living room, a pistol in his hand and his hood up. His father like instincts kick in and he quickly grabs Sarah and dives behind the corner wall while the man fires, but he misses James. “Dad what’s going on!”

“Shhh.” James shushes her, and seeing the only option, throws her in the downstairs bathroom. “Lock the door and don’t come fucking out.” Before she can say anything he shuts the door and quickly goes into the kitchen, while Reck exits the living room. He sees James.

“I see ya buddy!” Reck shouts while firing a single bullet at James, who quickly runs into another room. “Oh boy run all ya want, I got all fucking day.” Reck teases while waving his gun, before making his way after James who hid behind the dining room table.

Peeking around he sees Reck walking around the kitchen, pistol in hand. James had no idea who the fuck this guy was, and he was freaking out right now, but if Sarah was gonna be safe then he had to take care of this guy. So taking a deep breath he makes a run outback, to where the house’s power switch was. Reck didn’t notice and James manages to slip outside, where he goes to the power box and pulls the trigger, knocking off all power in the house. The house was now completely dark, and Reck jumped. Luckily James pulled out his phone and put on the night vision app before heading back in.

Making his way into the dark living room Reck can barely see a thing, so he mostly just relies on hearing. So he slowly walks around and aims his pistol around. He wasn’t scared. “You’re not scaring me here! This is my job,” he hear something behind him, “you just took the wrong case!” He turns around and fires, but nothing was behind him except for the TV, which he just shot.

Unknown to Reck, James hides just around the corner and he can see every move with his app. James didn’t want to kill this dude but maybe he can just drive him out? Probably not an option but he hoped it was. So he just began to quietly tail Reck around the house, who now just walked into the kitchen. “You don’t scare me!” Reck shouts while trying to search the kitchen.

Making his way behind Reck, James tucks his phone away and only relies on skill here. Quickly he jumps Reck and throws him onto the fridge, catching the man by surprise. Quickly he throws Reck into the wall and gives him a firm punch to the face, knocking the wanna be man to the ground. Reck was quick however and he hopped back up and smashed his pistol into James’s head, effictly knocking him to the floor with a bloody head. “Hahaha, suck it bitch.” Reck mocks while kicking James in the stomach. James wasn’t a fighter. “Fucking suck it!”

Suddenly however the lights crank back on and Reck jumps around with his pistol aimed, to see Sarah walk in the back door. She however stops dead at the sight of Reck. “Oh what do we have-” Reck attempts to say but James grabs Reck by the arm and angrily yanks him downward on his face. Quickly James stands, gives a quick kick into Reck’s nose, before grabbing the gun and aiming it at Reck. James had no idea how to work a gun but it couldn’t be to hard; just like a camera. Just point and shoot.

“Well fuck me.” Reck remarks seeing the sight of James with the gun. “Can you even work that thing, bro?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m the big bad-” James kicks him in the stomach in mid-sentence.

“I asked who you are?”

“You--you ain’t gonna shoot me. Not in front of your girl.” James slightly turns his head to see Sarah standing at the end of the room, just watching in horror. Nothing to do now so he just turns back to Reck. “She is a fine looking girl I must say.”

James quickly grabs his pistol and points it at Reck’s gentiles. “You’re right I ain’t gonna kill you but goddamn I will make you wish I did.”

“That was pretty cliche dude.”

“Just tell me who the fuck you are.”

“I ain’t telling you shit.” Reck says but James wasn’t taking this shot, not when his girl was on the line. Closing his eyes he then pulls the trigger and hears a silenced bang, followed by Reck’s screaming and blood falling on his hand. Reck just keeps screaming while James looks back over.

“You fucking shot my dick!” Reck screams while James just watches at the man he just shot. It should feel wrong….

...but it felt so good.

While lost in this slight chance Reck tries to jump James and instantly punches James in the face, sending the pistol flying back. Reck then slowly pulls himself onto his feet while James tries going for the gun. “I ain’t going down, bitch.” Reck goes back to kick James, before getting down and putting his hands arounds James’s neck. “Ain’t some white ass motherfucka taking down Reck fucking Th-”

Before Reck can finish he can feel a bullet dive into his shoulder, which was fired by Sarah, who stands in the doorway with her pistol. Her eyes are full of tears and her hands are shaking with fear. The pistol holds heavy in her light hands, and she can’t believe she just fired it. “You fucking little bitch! I’m gonna-” Before Reck can finish screaming at Sarah, James intervenes by jumping up and grabbing the injured Reck by the neck. He then proceeds to drag Reck over to the sink, and while Reck struggles, James simply turns on the sink and watches while the sink fills with water. Once it’s full enough, James shoves Reck’s face in there and begins to drown him. Reck tries fighting but his strength is no where near the strength of the much stronger, angry James Benjamin.

James then shoves his face harder into the water and Reck’s fighting goes down, until there was nothing. Until Reck finally stopped moving. Once that was done James just yanked Reck out of his sink and threw him onto the kitchen floor, where his body hit the ground with a thump. James just breathes heavily and just watches the lifeless body on the ground, while Sarah watches horrified.

James should be sad right now. He just took somene’s life. He should be a wreck, but he wasn’t. All the stress he has in his life he just took out on that prick. He released all of it.

Every ounce of stress he just released on someone’s life by murdering them.

And it felt so fucking good.

Issues of Endangered
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Volume 1

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25 - It Not a Small World After-All 26 - Ghosts From the Past and the Demons That Follow 27 - The Coward, The Opportunist, and the New World 28 - Surrounded by the Unseen Foe 29 - Lost Souls 30 - City of Brotherly Love 31 - The Truth Will Set You Free 32 - A Sacrifice of Blood 33 - This Isn't a Video Game 34 - P.T.S.D 35 - A Helping Hand 36 - No Mercy

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