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A plague capable of catastrophic proportions has begun to make its way worldwide. As the infection grows, the city of Philadelphia experiences the major society shifts that come with such a historic event. The fear and paranoia lead to swifts rise of tyranny, unmatched chaos and a loss of hope for a city struggling to survive as society descends.



A character portal for all of the story's characters can be found here.

Since the story follows perspective writing, the main characters of Endangered are those with significant POVs that drive the story. The main characters of Book One are:

Character Books
Michael Nicholson Main
Victoria Cummings Main
James Benjamin Main
Daniel Brown Main
Sandra Cobb Main
Ethan Brash Main
Reyes Young Main
Maya Phillips Main
Sarah Benjamin Main


  • Endangered has had five different versions.
    • The first draft of Endangered was in first person and revolved around six different people who each were connected to each other. The series starred Ryan Reynolds as a very different Daniel Brown, who was simply a rich snob instead of a mafia boss, Vincent M. Ward as hitman Oscar Jones, Lily Collins as high school student Lara Drake, who was a shy girl pretending to be someone she wasn't, Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Ethan Brash, Chad L. Coleman as drunk John Everett, who accidently killed his own son during a car crash, and finally Sir Ian McKellen as homeless man Charles.
    • The Second Draft of Endangered remained mostly untouched and served as a mere rewrite. It was soon rebooted after it's second issue however.
    • The third version was not one released on the wiki, but one that was planned to be a new, co-written story by the author and Adrien. This plot of the story was very close to the current one, with three current leads (excluding Daniel) still the central focus. Key differences include a plot which would involve a relationship between Michael and Vicky early one, the lack of Lara Drake as Vicky's best friend, and other things.
    • The fourth version was the biggest version of the story. It is similar to the current version, except it is much worse. It lasted around 30 issues before the author told it to go fuck itself. For more information on that iteration, including old issues, check here.
  • Endangered has six characters (Michael, James, Vicky, Daniel, Lara and Sarah) in hypothetical racing game, UFSW Kart. Franklin Mills Mall and The Philadelphia Riots appear as maps in the "Infected Cup" and the "Zed Cup".
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