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Dystopia: An Ode to Humanity is  post-apocalyptic story written by Petrosmpak. It follows the story of a group of selected scientists and the military tasked with keeping them safe in the dangerous new world.


Url This story is in progress.

It's been 20 days since aliens appeared in the earth's atmoshpere. 30 days since William brought the scientists in the bunker to keep them safe. It's been 15 days since contact with the outside world was lost. Now William has to take the most difficult decision. He has to abandon the safety of the bunker and search for safety in the outside world.

Little does William know, that the world is not how it used to be, and new dangers await in the horizon. Through the danger, through the fight for survival, William and his group discover the most important thing of all. What man is capable of.


Book 1Edit


Click the following page to see a list of the characters who have appeared thus far. The page is spoiler-free, but each character's page is not. Also, the characters are ranked by their importance, so if you don't want to see thateither, don't visit this page.

Dystopia Characters


Chapter 1: 20 days since the invasion


Issue 1: A bunker in Maine and the surrounding mountains


The series will be split into 5 or six books. The road to the military base is the first and maybe the second book too. More info on this will be available in the future


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There will be some POV issues


  • Seven books are planned, but their extend and current number are still under heavy thought
  • I thank all those who built the sample pages, without which this page would be difficult to build
  • The characters page is currently under construction
  • I plan to release a new chapter every week in the form of an issue, although that may not always be possible
  • Any feedback is highly appreciated
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