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Drop Dead Gorgeous is a story by Headaches. It is a sequel to his first story, Carley.


It's been three months since the end of Carley and Harrison and Britney have found themselves in New York, over eight hundred miles away from Atlanta. Harrison poses as the leader of a group of survivors in the huge New York Public Library and Britney acts as his best friend and second-in-command. But, with leadership comes great responsibility as well as danger. With new friends and old troublemakers, can the group pull through?


The story begins in November 2011.


Drop Dead Gorgeous will be released once a week, usually on saturdays.

Volume 1Edit

  • Issue 1 - First Day, First Death (15th June 2013)
  • Issue 2 - The Rivarly Begins (22nd June 2013)
  • Issue 3 - Best Served Cold (29th June 2013)
  • Issue 4 - Five (6th July 2013)
  • Issue 5 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 6 - TBA (TBA)

Volume 2Edit

  • Issue 7 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 8 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 9 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 10 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 11 - TBA (TBA)
  • Issue 12 - TBA (TBA)
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