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"We interrupt your viewing of death and destruction to give u the cameo of two closest lesbians in bed and not realizing their true lesbian existence."

Dead Weight is a zombie drama story written by Pastelhaxe. After the dead rise and begin feasting on the living, survivors of the cataclysmic disease must band together to survive, or else humanity will be wiped from the face of the earth.


Dead Weight takes place two months into the world crumbling due to a virus that spread and caused humans to reanimate after death into flesh eating monsters. Robbie and Jessica are twin siblings and have stuck together throughout the end of the world and vow to protect eachother no matter what the cost. So what happens when they're thrown into further unknowns after their camp is destroyed and they're seperated from their friends and all that they knew after humanity fell?


Apocalypse Started: May, 2013
Story Started: July, 2013
Days Passed Since Apocalypse Started: 119
Days Passed Since Story Started: 50


# Title Release Date
1. Pushed Out August 4th, 2016
A safezone is destroyed by the horde. The survivors are left to deal with the remains.
2. New Faces July 21st, 2017
Robbie and Jessica have been travelling for hours. A quick pitstop puts them in a position which could change their lives for better or for worse.
3. Youth July 24th, 2017
Robbie and Jessica get settled inside the camp. Flake and Grace discuss a scavenging group while a little girl introduces herself to Jessica.
4. Guardian Angel July 26th, 2017
Sally wakes up covered in rubble and surrounded by the undead. When she thinks all hope is lost, her guardian angel falls from the heavens.
5. The Door July 29th, 2017
A group head out to search for supplies however a turn of events changes their course of action.
6. Darkness Upon Flames August 3rd, 2017
As the group are suddenly surrounded by the undead, they must work together to get back to camp. However, their nightmares are far from over. Meanwhile, Sally gets to know Bri. Jessica and Sabrina are met with a dilemma.
7. Clatter August 14th, 2017
The group recover from their sudden detour. Mika asks Jessica to do something for her. Flake is angered by some sudden events.
8. Red Running 18th August, 2017
A funeral, an argument and a possible new safe haven for two of our survivors.
9. Keeping It Old Style 18th August, 2017
Nancy opens up on some history to Flake and Darryn and Melissa are upset over the camp.
10. Hysterics 22nd August, 2017
Tensions grow high after Grace can't seem to find her sister. Sabrina gets herself into trouble as a group are forced to go looking for her, which could lead to consequences.
11. Kick The Bucket 25th August, 2017
Sally is met with a decision. A confrontation goes wrong.
12. Natural Instinct 2nd September, 2017
A week passes. Grace and Sabrina go out on a scavenging mission. Bri plans something.
(This issue contains flashbacks)
13. On Board 8th September, 2017
Grace and Sabrina go to find supplies where they see something out of the ordinary. Bri puts her plan into action, but it's ground to a halt.
14. Choking In Smoke 15th September, 2017
The group go and investigate, coming across a stranger. Bri continues her job as a nurse. Melissa confesses something.
15. Us, The Living 28th September, 2017
Drake spots the horde heading in their direction. A woman confronts Sally. Flake and his group are met with a dilemma.
16. Bones 6th October, 2017
A casualty and one big mistake leaves the groups questioning what to do.
17. Triggerfinger 7th October, 2017
Sabrina does something drastic. Bri stops Alison from doing something stupid. The dead break down the gates.
18. Regrets Of The Hurting 9th October, 2017
The finale of arc 1, chaos ensues inside the camp as the survivors fight to stay alive.
(This issue contains flashbacks)

# Title Release Date
19. Savages 1st January, 2018
After the loss of their home, the survivors of the horde must pick up the pieces and bring together what's left.
20. Count On It 21st January, 2018
Sally offers to become a temporary nurse assistant to Vicky while Connor has big plans for the future. Meanwhile, the cold and hungry adventure continues for the survivors of the horde.
21. The Unforsaken Road 3rd February, 2018
A plan goes wrong as a fellow survivor travels down the unforsaken road.
22. Treat You Better February 22nd, 2018
The group of survivors find a new place to call home and finally can start feeling safe again.
23. The Cause March 9th, 2018
One survivor causes a crazed panic which won't be forgiven easily.
24. Sleeping With The Devil March 21st, 2018
One community. Three sides.
25. Bad Dream July 11th, 2018
After a near death experience, the survivors must find a way to wake up their leader as they navigate the streets of the dead.
26. Smoke Below The Horizon September 9th, 2018
In a seemingly endless stream of horrors, a new light rains down.
27. Heavenly Side September 19th, 2018
28. Arising Fire October 10th, 2018

# Title Release Date
29. School's Out, Forever March 23rd, 2019
After discovering their next hurdle, a group go out in hopes to discover a new friend -- or foe.
30. The Future Kind June 4th, 2019
31. Drink To That November 14th, 2019
Secure the bonds.
32. Those Who Prayed TBD
Flashback Issue. The truth comes out, causing rifts in an attempt to make peace.
33. The First Meeting TBD
Someone is coming.
34. The Bloodied Cobbles TBD



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The Locations page gives an insight to the locations that the survivors in Dead Weight visit throughout their time in the zombie apocalypse.

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