Dead Legacy is a novel series adaptation of the 2013 zombie web serial Dead Frontier. The saga follows the post-apocalyptic journey of Cole Pruitt, a down-on-his-luck call center employee who transforms his apathy for life into a fierce will to survive.


Book I: LegacyEdit

The dead have risen, and Cole Pruitt flees the heavily-populated city with his best friend and ex-girlfriend, returning to the small working class suburb where they grew up. The government aid they were promised seems like it’ll never arrive, so the community selflessly bands together in the face of disaster — but when the Army finally rolls in and takes over, the town’s altruistic efforts are tragically dismantled. Conflicts between residents and soldiers steadily erupt, and as the military’s sinister objectives are revealed, tensions reach a boiling point.

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Book II: Bad BloodEdit

Attempts to contact the base of Air Force deserters at Northerly Island have gone bust, but faith is restored after an unlikely helicopter sighting. The survivors traverse through the train systems of post-apocalyptic Chicago in hopes of the sanctuary — or, as close to sanctuary as they're going to get. Once there, all seems well, but when a supply outing gone wrong ends in Hannah shooting a teenage boy in self-defense, the boy's father goes on a relentless quest for revenge.

Book III: RegencyEdit

Book IV: Lost SoulsEdit

Book V: DaybreakEdit


(REA)nimated (PER)sons, or REAPERs, are the soulless, reanimated bodies of the undead. Their defining physical features are their grey skin, covered with black veins, and their glowing red eyes.

  • Unless their brain is destroyed, anyone who dies becomes a reaper.
  • A bite turns any human into a reaper. The bite initiates a lethal process in which the person's soul is violently purged from the body.
  • Reapers only eat the flesh of living humans and newly deceased humans.
    • Once the body reanimates, reapers will no longer feast. It is speculated that the moment of reanimation is the moment when the soul has completely left the body.
  • Reapers gain strength from eating human flesh. They become physically stronger, faster, and more durable; as such, significant periods of time without flesh will make reapers slower and weaker.
    • Especially powerful reapers are resistant to headshots from low- to mid-tier firearms. Some are strong enough to dismember limbs or rip through torsos with their bare hands.
    • The limit to reapers' strength is currently unknown, although there are rumors that they can eventually show signs of basic, primitive intelligence.
  • The time it takes a recently deceased person to reanimate varies from minutes to hours.


Cole Pruitt: A call center employee and aspiring screenwriter whose monotonous job and doomed Hollywood dreams have left him disillusioned with life. Throughout his journey, he struggles to atone for his past failings while also adapting to the morally grey apocalyptic landscape.

Hannah Figueroa: A schoolteacher who fights to cling onto her optimism and humanity, Hannah's resolve is steadily broken down by the consequences of her own mistakes and the general horrors of the apocalypse.

Mac James: A failing musician, the apocalypse forces Mac to step up and overcome his meek and apprehensive nature in order to protect his vulnerable grandfather.

Adam Dugall: A jaded college senior still traumatized by the reanimation of his girlfriend, Adam is initially closed off and distances himself from the other survivors, not wanting to be hurt again.

Billie Starr: A college freshman trying to accept the fact that she will never know the fate of her family, Billie is a natural survivor who deliberately shoulders much of the responsibility for her group.

Drew Welsh: An Air Force brat eager to escape the clutches of her overprotective parents. The apocalypse provides Drew the opportunity to prove to herself and others that she is the brave and capable young woman she knows herself to be.

Naomi Connors: A med student who witnesses the military's atrocities firsthand. Her compassion and medical expertise are invaluable assets for the group, although she often falters under the responsibility.

Oscar Figueroa: Hannah's father. An intensely devoted family man whose stubborn, abrasive ways often clash with the other survivors.

Wanda Figueroa: Hannah's mother. Wanda's love for her community compels her to bring the town together when faced with catastrophe.

Paul James: Mac's grandfather. A retired jazz musician whose age and poor health leave him at risk when supplies start to dwindle.

Eleanor Stowe: An Army biomedical scientist who truly believes her inhumane methods of study are for the greater good.


Much like John's aspirations for Epiphany, my hope is to release the series for a wider audience, specifically through Amazon self-publishing. For the last two months, I've been diligently planning and have come to a point where I'm nearly done outlining the plot of the first book. Before the summer is over, my goal is to have a good chunk of Book One written. I'll only post a portion of the chapters here, then provide a link to purchase the actual e-book when it's all well and done (y'all will get it for free, though, of course heh). Overall, my plan for the series is five books. It's an ambitious goal, but one that I think will properly encapsulate the scope of the story. Who knows if I'll ever get there, but for now I'm pretty excited about it.

Also, Dead Legacy is considered an adaptation, not a rewrite, of Dead Frontier. Many of the major characters and major plot arcs will remain the same. Still, many characters will be written out and some story arcs will be revamped — but my goal is to never lose the spirit of the original. Frontier is its own story, and despite all of its flaws, I want it to exist as is. Legacy is a reimagining.


Since the original shares its name with a popular zombie survival game, the adaptation has adopted the title of Dead Frontier's scrapped sequel.

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