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Dead In The Street is an orginal story by Mr_Volcy


A deadly virus has spread through civilization causing anyone infected to become murderous and canibalistic. This is the story of several individuals and their attempts to survive this new world.


Book 1: Mad WorldEdit


Chapter 1: Crazy Train

Chapter 2: Crazy Plains

Chapter 3: Crazy in College

Chapter 4: Crazy on The Road

Chapter 5: Downtime & Crazy Talk Part 1

Chapter 6: Downtime & Crazy Talk Part 2

Chapter 7: Preaching to the Crazy

Chapter 8: Immune to the Crazy

Chapter 9: Crazy Search

Chapter 10: Crazy Downfalls

Chapter 11: Crazy on The Road...Again

Chapter 12: Settling with The Crazy

Chapter 13: Crazy Differences & Separations

Chapter 14: Hope & Crazy

Chapter 15: Crazy Elijah has a Tank

Chapter 16: There Are No Crazies In Orlando

Chapter 17: The Good, The Bad, The Crazy

Chapter 18: Crazy Power Shift

Chapter 19: Crazy Decleration

Chapter 20: Crazy Preparation

Book 2: Insane WarfareEdit


Chapter 1: Battle of Lakeland

Chapter 2: Battle of Ocala

Chapter 3: Battle on the 1-4

Chapter 4: Battle of Winter Park

Chapter 5: Battle on Lake Apopka 

Chapter 6: Battle of Texas Ave

Chapter 7: Battle of Eatonville

Chapter 8: Battle on the Four Corners

Chapter 9: Battle of Downtown

Chapter 10: Battle of The End

Book 3: ReconstructionEdit


Chapter 1: Strength

Chapter 2: Unity

Chapter 3: Trauma

Chapter 4: Redemption

Chapter 5: Forgiveness

Chapter 6: Clear

Chapter 7: Rise

Chapter 8: Leadership

Chapter 9: Future

Chapter 10: Finale


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