Dead Frontier is a post-apocalyptic action/drama story written by Vauseman. It follows the story of Cole Pruitt, a 24-year-old call center employee and Chicagoan unexpectedly thrust into the zombie apocalypse.


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One unexpected day in March means the beginning of the undead apocalypse, and Cole Pruitt is right at the center of it in Chicago's populated West Side. The decision to leave the city with his best friend, Micah, and his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, starts his wild journey from apathetic, down-on-his-luck screenwriter to hardened survivor, encountering new lifelong friends, unpredictable evils, and unsparing amounts of the undead along the way.


Story begins late March 2012.




The Original Main Cast of Dead Frontier. From left to right: Cole , Hannah , Adam , Billie , Chloe , Finn

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Dead Frontier received the following wins and nominations in UFSW's 2013 Winter Awards.




  • Dead Frontier's theme is "We Move Lightly" by Dustin O'Halloran.
  • Dead Frontier was featured on the front page from February 26, 2013 to March 19, 2013, and was also UFSW's first featured story.
  • Dead Frontier has had four featured characters: Billie Starr, Cole Pruitt, Hannah Fleetwood, and Adam Dugall.
  • Dead Frontier was possibly going to be titled The Last of Us, but that name was decided against due it being the title of the survival horror game of the same name.
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