Day of Decay is a story written by KvngDragon.


In the dawn of the apocalypse, nine young adults and their surviving friends and family must venture off into the post-apocalyptic world. They'll have to choose between good and bad, who to trust, and have to learn how to survive. However, the biggest fight of all will be between the zombies and themselves.



For a visual representation of all the characters introduced throughout the story, click here.
For the list of all the characters' appearances in each chapter, click here. Be cautious of SPOILERS.


  • Day of Decay went through a massive revamp before its finalized version. The original story had seven lead characters instead of nine, and was centered in a fictional town named Whitegallow. This was scrapped due to the inconsistency of plots, random characters, and no effort to begin writing.
  • New chapters of this story were scheduled to be uploaded every week, but school created a conflict in this schedule.
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