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Dark World
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☀Dark World is the first story written by Stanley1007.

I'm Dutch, so don't mind my bad English.


This story is about a group of people who tries to survive a zombie-apocalyps. Every Episode you see the story from out of one persons perspective. After episode 11 there are sometimes flashbacks included.


Volume 1 - The First Days

Volume 2 - Two Camps Conflict

Volume 3 - ?

  • Issue 13 - Going On (??-??-??)*
  • Issue 14 - ? (??-??-??)*
  • Issue 15 - ? (??-??-??)*
  • Issue 16 - ? (??-??-??)*
  • Issue 17 - ? (??-??-??)*
  • Issue 18 - ? (??-??-??)*

*= Not yet released!


Here you can find the Character portal.

Volume 1 Volume 2
Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Volume 3

Main Cast Edit

Supporting Cast


  • The official theme song is 'Mad World' from Gary Jules sung by Stan himself. (The writer)
  • Officially there wouldn't be any new characters in Volume 2.
  • Volume 2 is the only volume where more characters are featured then one in one episode.
  • It was planned that they would stay at the campsite for the entire story.
  • The Dutch story has 10 volumes and 60* episodes at the moment.
  • Currently Stan is planning the 9th Volume in Dutch. It could be the first one with seven issues.
  • Stan has written a spin-off story about Cam called Cam's Story. Stan is planning to write more special stories.
  • Carl and Matthew are promoted to starring characters for Volume 3. Brenda and John are not starring anymore.

*= Not all released yet.

Spin-Off's Edit

Cam's Story (Coming Up) Edit


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