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'DEVIANTS is a story and spin-off of The Collective written by KnowledgeProspector. ''This is a re-boot of the series MISFITS.


Synopsis Edit

In the city of San Valentino, four deviants are given a second chance to attend an at-risk program for young-adult, funded by billionaire Lorenzo Young. In a world of drugs, sex, chaos, and murder, they must learn to put up with their own struggles and learn how to get their lives back on track.

Deviant's Characters Edit


  • Jamil "Ja" Demons played by Abraham D. Juste
  • Kristina Essie played by Alexa Demie
  • Ada Thien played by Brianne Tju
  • Carmelo "Melo" Santos played by Rome Flynn

The remaining cast can be found HERE.

Episodes - In Development Edit

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