Biographical Information
Full Name: Cooper Yaz
DOB: 1958
Age: 55
Status: Undead
Death: Issue 16
Cause of Death: Eaten alive by the undead horde
Affiliation: Flake's Camp
Occupation: Unknown
Gender: Male
Family: Harry Yaz (Son)
Amy Yaz (Daughter)
Mark Yaz (Son)
Romances: Unknown
Other Information
First appearance: "Issue 3"
Last appearance: "Issue 16"
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Created by: AmazingPurry
Theme: None
"Kids are our future, we have to protect them... I’ll be damned if anything happen to my children."
—Cooper to Jessica
Cooper Yaz is a recurring character introduced in Dead Weight, he acts as a guard to Flake's community and has three children, who he will protect with his life.


Post ApocalypseEdit

Arc 1Edit


  • The Undead

While escaping the approaching horde, Cooper is taken down by it and eaten alive.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Several of the undead.


A serious and sophisticated man, his only intentions in life now is making sure his children are safe. He cares deeply for his family and will protect them at all costs.



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