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Cataclysm is a story written by Katie and Cal. It follows several people across the UK as they try to survive the nightmare world all around them.


Roxanne Thatcher has an agreement with the remnants of the Metropolitan Police Force: they give her the supplies she needs, and she retrieves as much medicine as she can from the next pharmacy on her hit-list. Of course, she doesn’t just do it for them, the hormone pills she finds are the only things stopping her body changing back to how it used to be.

Keith Vasey is the man behind the deal. His migraines get worse every day, and the few spare moments he has are spent reprimanding his obnoxious elderly father. The closest things he has to friends are an overly-jovial colleague and a cancer-ridden porn star. Every night he sits awake, head throbbing, and longs for his late husband Michael.

Lance Taylor does what needs to be done. He wipes the dirt from his hands, and returns to the arms of his lover. Maxine and Rachel are his life, his soul, his everything. Not every seventeen year old knows love like he does, and not every seventeen year old would kill for love like he did.

Violet Thorne watches the world from her bedroom window, and listens to it through her walls. She smells Carson cooking downstairs, she hears Lilly moaning in ecstasy from the next room, and she sees Lance wash his bloody hands under the outdoor tap. She wonders to herself, will she ever do more than watch?

Mindy Edwards walks the countryside with her father, never quite understanding where they’re going. He tells her he needs to find his redemption, but she doesn’t know what that means. All she knows is that, just like any eleven year old girl, she’d follow her father to the ends of the earth.

All these people, and so many more, are about to look death in the eye. And make no mistake...

Some Will Die...


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