Caroline is a character from Peter's Journey


Northern IrelandEdit

Almost nothing is known about Caroline's life prior to the outbreak. It is known that he lived in Belfast and went to an all girls school, she also went to church.


Issue 2Edit

CAroline is first mentioned on the phone to Peter from Andy, she is later on seen when Peter and his group of survivors arrive at the church, she is glad when thhey all show up and is seen talking to she is shocked when they kill an ill James.

Issue 3Edit

just after James was shot dead by Shannon, Caroline helps people make sure that the place is safe in case of a walker attack,. after that she just relaxes and takes to the other group, mainly the Anna. when they all have to leave she goes with Sarah in the Nissan. When they get there and get the guns, they see loads of walkers, soon they are split up, she is wihtthe main group.

Issue 4Edit

during issue 4 Caroline and the rest of their group are stuck in the kitchen, when the walkers get inside they all shoot them dead, when they see Peter and the others they run away to the vehicles, they then drive off, when they get back to the chuch they all disscus where there next move is, when they finally agree to go to the Mournes Caroline goes with Shannon.

Issue 5Edit

Caroline isn't seen until they arrive at the cottage, she along with others walk up to the cottage. Caroline's job for the cottage was to teake out all of the equipment for the tents and other stuff. After that they are given their weapons, Caroline's gun was a Glock-19 and she was given a spade as her Melee weapon.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • very few Zombies

Killed byEdit

  • Walker (before reanimation)
  • Scott (after reanimation)

When the walker that had bitten Caroline twice was killed by Peter, they didn't know that you would reaminate, so later Caroline was about to kill Peter until Scott shot her in the head with his Shotgun


Caroline is a smaller girl, she has straight blond hair that lies past her neck.


Caroline was a veryh shy person and didnt talk very much.


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  • Caroline was the first person who reaimated in the group
  • Caroline's melee weapon is a spade
  • Caroline's gun is a Glock-19
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