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Structural Engineer



Anne Cate Materhorn (Wife)
Henry Materhorn (Father)
Quinn Materhorn (Mother)

Physical Information

Brian Materhorn is a mentioned-only character in Apocalypse Life.

Background[edit | edit source]

There is not much known about Brian due to him not being in the same setting as the story's characters. According to his father, he pursued his career out of state at an early age of 20, and has since been living away from his parents. Due to his father's closeness to the Petero family, Brian grew up with Julius, his father's unofficial godson. The two got along well, thus becoming good friends for a long period of their childhood. As Julius entered college, Brian expanded his sights out of the state so that he could earn a degree in engineering. His career and life turned out to be successful; as such, he married early, and has never been so happy.

It is unknown what Brian's current fate is; his father remains optimistic that he is surviving the current apocalypse.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Henry Materhorn[edit | edit source]

Henry raised his only son the best he could, thus turning him into a charismatic yet intelligent person. His father supports his choice of pursuing his own career. While away, his father would constantly mention and sometimes even brag about him among his friends and acquaintances.

Quinn Materhorn[edit | edit source]

His mother raised him just as well as his father could. Growing up wise and respectful, Brian equally loves his mother, even though his father had a lot more to do with his upbringing.

Julius Petero[edit | edit source]

The pair went to know each other, quickly getting along at a young age as they had several similarities with each other. The pair had an adventurous childhood, up until the end of high school, where the pair had a nearly tearful goodbye. Julius still remembers him as one of his closest friends, and awaits his return.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Much like Margaret Petero, Brian is a few states away from Julius's hometown, thus having very limited involvement in the story.
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