Brandi Burke[edit | edit source]

An amercian pornographic actress, living in Los Angeles when she joins Aaron Hindle during the zombie outbreak.

Pre Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Brandi had earned two awards in Adult filmmaking before the apocalypse, one being the esteemed New Comer Award. Before moving to LA, she was a farmers daughter in rural Kansas, implied to be a member for a high-stakes church of Christians. As she reached a potential that was all too easy for herself, Brandi would come to learn that this neither life styles were for her liking and began contemplating retirement at the peak of her adult-film career. When the apocalypse began, she was on her way to pilates with another porn actress whom she had just confided in about her plans for retiring.

Post Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Having been separated from her friend during the downtown chaos of Los Angeles, Brandi was the one who saved paramedic Sherry from an undead attacker. She would join Sherry and her coworkers, along with the Police Commissioner to refuge on the top of a high-rise parking deck within the ambulance some miles away. From here, after the death of Sherry she would leave the parking deck with Aaron in search for his wife, believing in his courage rather than his fellow paramedic Leon's cowardice.

Once at the apartment complex, Brandi follows Aaron inside through a fire escape where they navigate to the fourth floor and find his apartment full of survivors, including his wife Autumn and their neighbors.

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