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Bill Tucker is a character from The Sewers.



Almost nothing is known about Bill's life prior to the outbreak. He went to high school with his sister and worked as mechanic with his dad.


Arc 1 - FearEdit

At some point Bill and his family met up with the other survivors, and fled to the sewers. At the fifth day, Bill is seen making an inventory on the food, along with his sister and Timmy. Bill is kept in the cars when the herd arrives, but he tells Timmy and Nia that he wants to help. Timmy tells him just to go, due to the point that nobody cares about what he does. Bill then helps getting Andy away from Brad and is later a part of the discussion about what to do with Brad.
Bill was one of the men going after Brad, along with Andy, Liam and Cole. While Liam, Andy and Cole was inside Brad's house, Bill was keeping watch outside. There he was captured by Elbert and Bella. Bill goes with Andy to find Brad. Along with Liam and Andy, Bill looted the Police Office.

Bill was just as surprised as the rest when Elbert turned. He was happy to see Timmy in work, when he got back to the camp.

As Alfred and his group arrived, they used Bill and Timmy as hostages. Tucker then told both Bill and Timmy to get out of the way, moments before he was killed. As Diane was killed two days later, Bill took revegne and killed Alfred. He also killed Sam as revegne for the death of Torben.

Bill helped at the construction site, and he later listened to Hunter's speech.

Arc 2 - SorrowEdit

In the five months between Arc 1 and Arc 2, Bill got on the team that scavenged supplies.

Bill went with Andy and the others to the supermarket, where he got taken prisoner by Cal.?

Killed VictimsEdit







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