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Big Earl





Late 30's




Unnamed fiance




69 condoms

Portrayed By

Rick Ross

First Seen

Voltage (Mentioned)
Vacancy (Flashback)


Beaten to death with a crowbar by the Wacko

Appears In

1 issue

Step by Step
"You a smart nigga, but Big E ain't gonna fall for any young'un trying so hard as to kill a god.”"
Big Earl mocking Lyle with the latter's attempt to preserve his reputation by killing the former. [src]

Big Earl, or Big E was an antagonist in Step by Step. A fearless gangster originating from within California, he worked a violent career in Indiana. Notably, he was in Indianapolis and controlled most of the illegal activity through the state which made him a powerful gang leader. In an effort to take control of Indiana, he used the riots as a way to regulate his narcotics. As a result, the smaller gangs suffered. To show his power, Big Earl took out two of Scarface's high members. In retaliation, Lyle attempted to assassinate the gangster himself, but was beat up instead.

Soon, Big Earl started to feel the weight of luck. In a combined effort, Lyle scrounged up a motley crew of back-up, consisting of Scarface, Nolan, and Dennis to set up the gangster. In the end, Lyle savagely beat up the druglord with his own crowbar.


Big Earl was present when riots began to form in Indiana about a year before Indianapolis was declared in a state of emergency. Whilst the rowdy Indianapolis gathered steam over the rising concerns about the sickness, he issued control over the city. Controlling the underground markets to sending other gang leaders to cower, Big Earl became an underlying king on the streets.

He threatened most authority figures in the city and rioters alike. Sensing a bad future with the rioters disrupting his territorial city, he used cruel measures to circumvent rioters. To show his importance, he had Lyle C. Jackson beaten to near death. This, however, backfired as Lyle came back to take revenge on Big Earl, ending Big Earl with a crowbar to the head.

His demise was quick to appear on most newspaper, it even was equal to the popularity of the riots he tried to rule with an iron fist. Authorities investigated his murder, making some fingers to point to Lyle. This led to Nolan and Dennis, accomplices of Lyle, to be arrested in connection with Big Earl's murder.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of people


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  • According to the theory of swagitivity on a scale of 1-10, Big Earl has a 10.25.
  • The nickname, "Big E", is a reference to the late rapper, Christopher George Latore Wallace, otherwise known as The Notorious B.I.G..
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