Asher Praedo is a character in Say Goodbye to America: Scatter
Asher Praedo
First seen
Last seen
A Plague On Your Houses
Late teens to Early 20s
Killed in a car bomb explosion
(A Plague On Your Houses)
Portrayed by
Alex Lawther

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Asher's life before the outbreak

Post-Apocalypse Edit

At some point, Asher joined the O'Connor Compound, where he worked in the kitchens

Scatter Season 3 Edit

"Food" Edit

Asher is first seen with Thomas Packer and Dave O'Connor feeding the prisoners in a cell. He seems to be friendly with Kevin

"Torn" Edit

Asher is present with Peanut when Eli Wilson reveals they are being served human meat. He agrees to help Kevin and the rest escape. He returns with Victor Montrose to set a plan

"Light" Edit

Asher is with the others when they plan their escape, which involves him setting a fire and distracting the guards. However, he is caught and brought to Ned O'Connor

"Outrageous" Edit

Asher is seen tied up in a room to be interrogated by Ned

Season 4 Edit

"No Surprises" Edit

Asher is continued to be tortured by Ned and watched by Karim Fadil. When Asher tells Ned about the Yard, Ned does not believe him and proceeds to punch him before attempting to remove one of his eyelids. Karim then takes over for Ned

"Where We Were" Edit

After Ned tells him of Peanut's return, Asher finally gives in and tells Ned about Apex. For a reward, he is given two chicken pot pies. While eating, he is continuously harassed by Karim, to the point where the two eventually start fighting and Asher is able to bash Karim's head in with a table leg. When Ned finds out, Asher begs to be killed but is knocked out instead

"A Plague On your Houses" Edit

Asher is taken by Ned to his car so he can be used at Apex. After being placed in the backseat, Hogan opens the drives side door, which sets off an explosion which kills them both

Killed Victims Edit

Death Edit

Killed By Edit

  • George (indirectly caused)
  • Zeke (indirectly caused)
  • Hogan (accidental)
    • When Hogan opens the door to Ned's car, he accidentally sets off an explosion George had Zeke set for Ned, killing both Hogan and Asher

Appearances Edit

Season 3 Edit

  • Food
  • Torn
  • Light
  • Outrageous (No Lines)

Season 4 Edit

  • No Surprises
  • Where We Were
  • A Plague On Your Houses (No Lines)

Trivia Edit

  • Asher's name is Latin for 'destroyer'
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