Asher Bolio

b. July 6, 2065 (17 y/o)


Manila Bolio (mother)
Gray Bolio (brother)
Anthony Bolio (father)
Winnie Knapchuck (friend)
PJ Cassavoy (friend)

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Timothee Chalamet


Asher Bolio is a lead character in Epiphany. The older sibling; bearing the responsibility of his baby brother’s life on his shoulders, Asher feels that weight wherever he goes. Haunted by his parents’ abandonment, he had to grow up far too fast to take care of Gray and holds much resentment. Raised as a child soldier and touted as a "natural-born killer", Asher made the choice to split for Gray's sake. He has developed an almost chameleon-like personality, able to pick up on the atmosphere of any room and display traits that he believes the people around him will like to see. His true personality is hidden somewhere in there, drowned away under an affinity for alcohol that Asher has used to deal with his deep-seated emotional issues. He is challenged by Gray to open up his heart to survivors who invite the brothers to live among them at the airport they've fortified. The family he finds himself a part of renews hope in him, particularly in budding friendships with PJ and Winnie.

Character DescriptionEdit

Asher Bolio was a messy cute seventeen-year-old whose insane behavior – often rambunctious, otherwise surprisingly serene and wise – changed depending on those around him and what they required of him to make a good impression. His ability to morph his personality based on others’ expectations made him seem braggadocious to those around him who were more mature and understood his desperation to be liked and accepted. Asher was a smart kid who grew up used to having a lot of expectations from adults from a very early age. But Asher, a kid, just wanted to relax and enjoy life by stretching out and taking it all in, instead of being wrapped up in, and stressed out by, what others wanted from his life. It was his life, after all. Asher slammed down the emptied glass on the bar countertop. The alcohol burned his throat as it went down. He released a scream of vindication, flicking his long, shoulder-length so-dark-brown-it’s-almost-black hair out of his eyes and yelled, “That’s good!” Then repeated “Good!” again, but louder this time, as if to prove it to himself.


I'd be a lot more hopeful. What about you, what would you do differently if mom were alive?

Asher, to Gray


Gray BolioEdit

Asher's relationship with Gray is a defining relationship of his storyline. The two have relied on each other for a long time. Young Asher was forced to take care of Gray and find food for the two of them while living in Theoria after their mother was thrust away by her duties as a scientist and their father disappeared in the night. Asher is, understandably so, very overprotective over his baby brother.

Gray, the more studious of the two, had an interesting dynamic as his older brother's teacher. This is just normal for them, and neither is conscious of the strangeness of it, despite Gwen bringing it up upon first meeting them. Asher is typically very supportive and understanding of Gray's social shortcomings, and holds great value in what his little brother can bring to the table. Because Asher gives so much to Gray, he doesn't know a healthy way to take care of his own emotional needs. Gray is concerned about Asher's reliance on alcohol as a remedy.


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  • Asher is based on Ash, a main character from Eden Rising, of which Epiphany is a reimagining.

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