Ariana Hutchins, also known as Ari, is a major character in the short-story, NEW DAY.
Ariana Hutchins

Portrayed by:

Rose Rollins








37 (episode 1)



Created by:




Sullivan McCormick - COO
Jaime Fesser - Head of Security
Lorenzo Young - Boss

Affiliated Groups:

The Young Foundation


First Seen:

Episode 1

Last Seen:



Episode 1Edit

Ari is first seen meeting Mason Wylie at a bar, matching with him through a dating app. According to her profile, she was a receptionist, "here for a good time and not a long time".

The two spend a brief, harmless but fruitful night together, where she reveals to him that she is divorced and has two kids to go home to.

Episode 2Edit

Ari is mentioned as being a possible alibi for Mason, as he was arrested for a false murder two days after their date. Ron Kelly, Mason's partner, tells him that he could not find any evidence on ever meeting Ari on his phone.

Episode 3Edit

Ari somehow finds herself back in Mason's life when he starts building a case to prove his innocence; his case matches up with the file Sullivan McCormick, her company's COO, has been developing for three years. She does not learn of Mason's predicament right away because of a business trip in Miami.

Before being debriefed by Sullivan, she agrees to serve as a witness on Mason's case if the time ever comes.

Episode 4Edit

Three years after the conclusion of Mason's false incrimination, Ari once again reaches out to him, meeting him for a coffee. She offers Mason an alternative program to head on behalf of her non-profit company, and agrees to help him every step of the way.


Ari is briefly seen showing Mason their new building for the program. She is also seen with the certifications for graduation of the program's first set of students.

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