Author's words (10/16/15)

This story is currently undergoing a rework; specifically, each issue will be heavily modified or even rewritten from scratch, the goal of improvement and standard update in mind. It's one of those "looking back, I'm not proud of this" moments for me--this long-ass, nearly-two-year hiatus has mostly been me trying to improve as a writer and I hope to employ what I've learned to resurrect this story.
I love this story to death, and have never given up on it; and I intend to resuscitate it to show more of what I didn't show when I conceptualized this story. I don't really want to call it a "reboot" since most of the important story-moving plot will be kept as it is. I'm not doing anything completely unrecognizable; I just want to write it much better this time around.
What I hope to display in this "pseudo-reboot" (name I've been pretty much using in my head) is the addition of more details; I felt like I breezed through a lot of things in just 37 issues. I withheld too many character plot points earlier around, so I want to hash them out more and hopefully make them less of an afterthought. What they'll be doing and where they'll end up will still be the same, since that was my main goal then.
With this pseudo-reboot, titles will be modified, and the banner will be updated as well. I hope to refresh it as well as I can while keeping most of it the same.


Apocalypse Life is a story written by KnowledgeProspector.

Julius Petero is only 22 years old. He's got a job that's barely paying for his everyday expenses. He attends college, but is going at a snail's pace. He's not as successful as his older sister, who's already gotten a life of her own living in another state.
A young kid, barely getting started with his life. No wonder he didn't believe the "pandemic" sweeping its way west, toward his town.
It wasn't too late for him. He could still live his life. Live his life in these fast and changing times, where the dead return to life, order decays, and freedom begins to reign.
This was his new life. His life in the apocalypse.

Current Issue

37 - The Pines
Release Date: November 25, 2013

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New Tomorrow
A follow-up of Liam and Elaine's journey after leaving the day-care.

The Estate
Vinnie and Rick, the bodyguards of a millionaire, try to go on their everyday lives while their boss slips into a mid-life crisis.

Sunflower's Daughter
After one good deed, Nina returns to pursue an old goal. A new adventure unfolds, with old and new faces alike.

Behind the scenes

  • Formerly, this story was planned to have more than 150 issues.
  • This story was featured in the front page from April 21st to May 11th.
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