This page lists all characters from the story, separated by location. Note that each individual link may contain spoilers.

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Volume 1
Apartment Complex
Julius Petero First Unnamed Survivor Judith
College Library
Officer Graham Mathis Bowen Alice Chalthoum
Suburban Neighborhood
Henry Materhorn Quinn Materhorn Unnamed police officer Hostile Survivor 1
Hardtjen "Jen" Trugilio Gomez Dean Lieutenant Arroyo
Doctor Whedon Dolores Blockade soldiers Blockade survivors
Noisette Street
Liam Maureen Evee
Patrick Alfonso Barbara
Redwood Children's Enrichment Center
Elaine Ruben Dalton Meek Morgan
Chris Tammy Matt
Urban Military Recon
Duane Recon soldiers

Volume 2
Financial Block
Burrough Estate
Harold Burrough Vinnie Rick
Laura Hamill
James Benjamin High School
Marina Kauser Cara Bolido
Leo Aldon Herbert
East Rental Building
Xavier Joyce Toni Lina Paul Kaulu
Shannon Joyce-Kaulu Ronnie Kaulu Ellen Molder
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