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Anna is a character from Peter's Journey


Northern IrelandEdit

Little is known of Anna life pior to the outbreak, she lived in a neighbourhood with Jonny, Peter, Ross, Adam and Ben, she lived in the house beside Peter and Jonny.


Issue 1Edit

Three weeks into the apocalypse Anna was living in her house along with other suvivors, she was first seen at the start of the Issue when everyone was in the living room, she along with some others played a board game, later on in the issue Anna was a volunteer to go out with Scott and Ben on a supply run, she took with her a crowbar in case of walkers. When they left they went to the Jemphrey's house, it is possible that she new them well as she stated that they kept the freezer out in the garage. when they got all of the stuff and went back home they had dinner. See was over the moon when Peter told everyone that they were getting out of there, she then hepled clean up after the meal.

Issue 2Edit

Anna is only seen breifly when they run out to the vehicles and get into the church.

Issue 3Edit

just after James was shot dead by Shannon, Anna didn't know what to make of the gunshot, but she stayed calm, when Peter and other survivors went up to the lookout area she stayed downstairs, and when Mark and Ben came down to tell them that they had to get all of their stuff ready later on the issue. Anna left in the same car as she came in, when they all arrived at the school she was glad that they were going to get guns. when they got the guns and were leaving she was scared at the amout of walkers there where, she ran and stayed with the main group into the kitchen.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of Zombies


Anna is small for her age,m but a very pretty girl, she has long blond hair and is skinny.


Anna is a very shy girl and would only talk to the people that she knows, she spends much of her time with Jonny and the other origional survivors.



Jonny and Anna were close friends, they are seen kissing in Issue 7, later she was kising him again in issue 8.


Peter and Anna are very close friend, Peter sees Anna like a litle sister that he never had.


Anna and Henry got along very well.


  • The house that the survivors where staying in was Anna's house
  • Anna and Jonny are the first people to be seen kissing in Peter's Journey
  • Anna's gun is a Desert Eagle
  • Anna's melee weapon is a spade
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