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Terrified - Among Savages

Terrified - Among Savages

Among Savages - Terrified

Among Damned Civils is an upcoming community miniseries set to be written by PBR Sharpshoot and Kirrderru. It will focus on the post-apocalyptic nation of the fictional land mass of Cartinand (name set to change). Many power groups rise in time to govern the people, but as they clash, which rule will prove victorious? As a mini-series, ADC will only consist of 14 episodes.

Genre Portal
Drama Action Comedy Futuristic Spin-off
Original Script Omniscient POV


As of now, the story takes place 30 years after the start of a viral apocalypse which started in 2010.


The story features a large amount of UFSW's many users throughout the years in the form of characters, either loosely based on them, created by them, or named after them. Reveal the spoiler below for a full listing of those users featured in the story.

To see visuals and more information on each character, visit the portal. Obviously, SPOILERS lie ahead.

Tales to AstonishEdit

Tales to Astonish are a series of short stories that expand on the main characters, showing their lives prior to the war and the formation of their individual factions.


  • This story is heavily inspired by the civil conflict between power groups NLO, Wyets, KPA, and BPC, currently transpiring in the wiki.
    • You can basically call this story UFSW Civil War.
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