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Amarillo, sometimes Amy for short, is a protagonist of Pokémon Anthology, introduced in the third volume. Born Lillie LeBlanc, she is the daughter of ambitious scientist Lusamine. Amarillo was born in Ultra Space, a strange otherworldly dimension, and her exposure at birth to Infinity Energy, the natural aura of the multiverse, caused her to have strange empathic and psychic powers similar to Pokémon's natural abilities. Amarillo was experimented on by her own mother and kept captive in a castle in Hoenn's Mt. Chimney. Eventually, Lusamine felt that her daughter's abilities were threatening her safety, so she left her in Viridian Forest to take care of herself. Adopting the name Amarillo from her codename at Mt. Chimney and her mother's pet name ("my little amarillo flower"), she lived among Pokémon. Eventually being discovered by Red, the two became friends. Amy took him to Ultra Space and exposed him to the world she was never able to share with anyone else. He brought Amy under his wing and trained her to be a powerful battler. In the present, Red has gone missing and Amy becomes determined to track him down.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Trauma and tragedy have wrecked havoc on Amy's life, but she has maintained a cheerful and positive outlook. Her empathic abilities allow her to enhance her happiness when around Pokémon. Having trained under the tutelage of Champion Red, Amy has hardened herself to be a fierce battler, but has not forgotten to love and care for others.

Despite her harsh experiences, and maybe especially because of them, Amy has kept a sense of awe and excitement for the world. Her childlike nature can be mistaken for naivety, but in truth, it is a form of expressing her intense confidence in her own abilities. She knows what she is truly capable of.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-series[edit | edit source]

Born in Ultra Space by her mother Lusamine, Lillie was exposed to a tremendous amount of Infinity Energy and developed empathic and psychic abilities because of this. She was experimented on for her childhood and kept captive at a castle in Mt. Chimney alongside other prisoners, like Felicia and Silver. Lusamine developed a conscience, and due to an apparent threat of someone using her experiments for even more nefarious purposes, she left Lillie in the Viridian Forest to hide her.

Taking on the name Amarillo after her codename at Mt. Silver and her mother's pet name for her ("my amarillo flower"), she lived alone in the forest for a few years. She eventually befriended Red and introduced him to Poipole, her friend from Ultra Space.

Adventures[edit | edit source]


Pokémon[edit | edit source]

On hand[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Information
One of Amy's oldest friends, her Alolan Vulpix has been there to comfort her through many traumatic childhood experiences.
Amy's Alolan Vulpix
Pokémon Information
Retrieved from Ultra Space, Poipole's playful nature and happy spirit taught Amy that not all creatures from the other dimensions mean to do humanity harm.
Amy's Poipole
Pokémon Information
Rapidash is very useful, particularly for transportation.
Amy's Rapidash
Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Marill, but he is considerably more powerful than most of his species.
Amy's Marill
Pokémon Information
Not much is known about Diglett.
Amy's Diglett
Pokémon Information
Woobat was a gift from Red upon his journey in Unova, as the heart-shaped nose reminded him of Amy's big heart. Woobat is one of her main battlers.
Amy's Woobat

Temporary[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Information
Pika belongs to Amy's mentor, Red, and is temporarily in Amy's care. Red went missing and Pika was left behind.
Pika the Pikachu

Theme[edit | edit source]


Encounter! Lillie - Pokémon Sun and Moon OST

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Amarillo is an amalgamation of two characters from Pokémon lore: the non-playable character Lillie from the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon video games, sharing her name and family history. She is also combined with Yellow from the Pokémon Adventures manga, with whom she shares name inspiration and appearance.
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