The Hunters walked around their campsite, Lucas shot an arrow into one of the practicing dummies. The Leader of the Hunters, Henry Davis, smashed an undead's skull on a rock. Gabriel Hunter, buried his dead wife's body into the ground. Xavier, was splitting up the supplies. Gabriel just dug, showing no emotion. Lucas, walker over to his tent and put on a leather jacket with the words on the back:ACE OF SPADES, Lucas came outside and picked up his Crossbow. Gabriel walked by.

"Hey you okay?" Lucas asked Gabriel, Gabriel tackled Lucas to the Ground. Gabriel then punched Lucas who headbutted him. Gabriel fell back. Henry rushed over and grabbed Gabriel.

"Let go of me!" He roared. Gabriel took out his knife and swung it at Henry. Lucas aimed his Crossbow at Gabriel. Xavier came out, Jerry sat staring at Lucas and Gabriel. Gabriel then walked away. Lucas then walks off to his Motorcycle and Pickup truck.

"Hey where are you going?" Henry shouted

Lucas left without a word. Xavier and Jerry talked about San Francisco.

"When we get there, man I'm going to sleep, comfortably" Jerry said.

"Yeah, we'll get there" Xavier said. Henry followed Gabriel to his tent.

"Listen I now your in some sort of depression state but you got to-"

"Listen, I ain't taking rules from nobody" Gabriel gets on his Motorcycle."I'm done with the Brotherhood" Gabriel throws his Leather jacket on the ground and drives off.

Henry picks up the leather jacket and throws it.

Lucas arrives at Crescenta Highlands. Lucas looks around and sees a little group of walkers. Lucas takes out his Crossbow and heads into one of the houses. Inside Lucas sees a Walker trapped under a collapsed Book Shelf. Lucas looks in the other rooms and sees blood littered all over the wall and a message that reads:DAMNED BY THE DEAD, Lucas looks at the photos of a kid in soccer clothing. Lucas opens the drawers, looking for supplies. Lucas walks to the living room. Lucas then shoots the walker in the head with an arrow. Lucas walks over to the Parent's living room and opens a drawer and finds a pack of smokes.

"Score" Lucas mutters and picks up the Smokes and heads outside. A military vehicle has arrived, a military man inspects, Lucas' Motorcycle. Lucas aims his Crossbow to one of the men. Then one of the men starts shooting at the house. Lucas takes cover. Walkers start flooding the streets. Lucas shoots one man in the leg, causing him to fall down and get devoured by walkers. The Other men are gunned down from the other side. Gabriel appears, shooting at Walkers. Lucas runs outside and hoppes onto his Harley and starts it, the two leave Crescenta Highlands.The Duo arrive at a house and go inside.

"Why don't you have your patch on?" Lucas asks Gabriel.

"I'm Leaving" Gabriel admits.

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